May 20, 2022

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Baseball Stadium: Quebeckers do not want public money on this project

Baseball Stadium: Quebeckers do not want public money on this project

Sixty percent of Cubans oppose the idea of ​​injecting Quebec public money into the construction of a baseball stadium in Montreal, led by the wealthy Bronfman family.

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These are the results of a survey conducted on behalf of the Lager company Journal. Between March 26 and 28 there were 1,000 respondents in the province.

In Quebec’s Census Metropolitan Area (CMA), 60% of citizens do not want to be financially involved in this multi-million dollar project, which aims to bring back a professional baseball team. In the metropolis.

For the Montreal CMA, the data are the same, with 59% of respondents rejecting the idea of ​​government involvement.

Last week, the Canadian Federation of Taxpayers also madly acknowledged that Quebec could support the structure.

“Quebec taxpayers don’t have to pay for a new stadium for wealthy investors to enrich themselves with a sports team,” said Quebec director Ren డైరెక్టర్d Brosard.

According to the survey, 42% of people across the province are in favor of returning the expos to Montreal, less than one in two.

Quebec opened up to the idea

It should be noted that in recent days, groups involved in this stadium project, including the Claridge Fund, have registered with the Lobbyists Registry and can meet with officials from various ministries to obtain financial assistance. To be decided.

Prime Minister Franois Legalt, who was questioned on the matter, also opened the door to provide financial assistance for the construction. He believes the arrival of a professional team could generate new revenue for the state.

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A lot of luck in Quebec is working to bring the Major League baseball team back to Montreal.

Entrepreneurs include Stephen Bronfman (Claridge), Stefan Creatier (Garda World), Alain Bouchard (Couche-Tard), Mitch Garber (former chairman of the Cirque du Soleil Board of Directors) and Eric Boyko (Stingray).

If the Expos club returns, according to the Leger poll, 46% of Cubans plan to attend one or more baseball games. At this rate, 26% of respondents “can watch one or two games a year.”

If we look specifically at Quebec (CMA), only 37% want to attend at least one game.

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