March 21, 2023

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Vaccines | Quebec sends 34,000 doses from Montreal to seven locations

Vaccines |  Quebec sends 34,000 doses from Montreal to seven locations

(Quebec) Quebec is redistributing 34,000 doses intended for Montreal to seven locations in the province. With the sending of 9,000 doses, the lion’s share goes to the automaker. Capitol-National and Boss-Saint-Laurent should receive additional doses of 4,000 and 5,000, respectively.

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7,000 doses of the vaccine will be sent in the first few days. These doses are distributed in Autouis, Capital-National, Sagune-Lock-Saint-Gene and Estre. The Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) said the remaining 27,000 doses would be sent when the next vaccine shipment arrives in Quebec.

After the ost to Montreal, Quebec wants to vaccinate areas in the province, especially due to the rapid spread of variants. On Wednesday, the Legalt government announced that it was changing from Capitol-National, Chowder-Appalaches, Boss-Saint-Laurent and Autouis orange to red. The cities of Gatino, Quebec and Lewis have also been put on a “break” until April 12, when schools will be completely closed.

“We have called for speeding up vaccinations in some areas. In recent days, we have asked Montreal: listen, make sacrifices, the same sacrifice that other areas made a few weeks ago for Montreal,” explained Health Minister Christian Dubey.

In line with public health recommendations, Quebec will send 34,000 doses to seven regions. Areas that will benefit from this new allocation are:

Outtoys: 9,000 doses (26% of overdose)

స్ట్రీ Estre: 7,000 dose (21% of overdose)

• Cultivation – Lock-Saint-Gene: 6,000 doses (18% of overdose)

Boss-Saint-Laurent: 5,000 doses (15% of overdose)

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Capital-National: 4000 doses (12% of overdose)

Laurentides: 2000 doses (6% of additional doses)

Chowder-Appalaches: 1000 doses (3% of additional doses)

MSS explains that people who have already been recruited in Montreal will have their vaccine. “We divert vaccine doses from unfilled time slots,” one said.

Currently, authorities are vaccinating people aged 65 and over everywhere, except those in Montreal, Laval, the North Coast and Abbott-Temiscomming, aged 65 and over everywhere.

Quebec administered 41,406 additional doses of vaccines on Wednesday. 16.4% of the population (1,391,649 citizens) have so far received the first dose. The Legalt government, which has received 1,652,905 doses so far, has a stockpile of about 261,250 vaccines.