May 27, 2022

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Bordeaux mayor does not close queues

Les quais de Bordeaux, le lundi 1er mars 2021

As France prepares to experience the third edition, Bordeaux Municipality decides not to tighten sanctions. Ports and parks have also been hit by storms in recent days and good weather also has its share of responsibility and obstructions are taking a detour. Occurrence rate in Bordeaux exceeds maximum warning limit, Determined to be 250 cases per 100,000 residents. For her part, Gironde decides to be the second CRS company (approximately 130 agents) over the weekend in Prefect Bordeaux. Will be back in half next week.

I am not asking for closure, but for enforcing barriers – Nicholas Florian, Bordeaux Collective Opposition Municipal Councilor

Bordeaux Mayor Pierre Hermick announced that no immediate action would be taken against the docks. He prefers Bordeaux to go out than to stay at home. “In my opinion these are better not to be limited to apartments but in quays or public gardens.“, Prescribes the first magistrate of Bordeaux. According to him, Closing the docks is tantamount to moving the population to other places and places in the city.You have to concentrate on the public garden. Closing of docks has far more adverse effects than beneficial ones “,” he said. Said Pierre Hermick.

Easter weekend as a test

The former mayor, Nicholas Florian, offers a mediated solution. “I’m not asking to shut up, but to enforce barrier gestures. At that time, I created dynamic platforms by setting up an open space for people to gather. Enforcement of these barriers is up to the city“, Recalled the man who was mayor from 2019 to 2020.

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For the now opposition adviser of the Bordeaux ensemble, this is the minimum required Intermediate measures.This weekend, we need an ultimatum to see how it works in the open and to be able to enforce these restrictions. If we are not successful, I am in favor of restricting access to these public spaces“, Refers to Nicholas Florian.