May 20, 2022

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Pierre FitzGibbon Defamation suit | Sylvie Lalande “dragged in the mud”

Pierre FitzGibbon Defamation suit |  Sylvie Lalande "dragged in the mud"

“It’s a tragedy happening to me. I’m on the floor with people with a knee in their throat.”

Philip Teissira-LessardPhilip Teissira-Lessard

Four months after the death of George Floyd, Quebecore administrator Sylvie Lalande described the impact of remarks made by Minister Pierre FitzGibbon – on an interesting conflict – on his life, at a pre-trial hearing on their defamation.

The statement was quoted in a reply from the minister’s lawyers to Mr Prosecution.To me Land. This comes from a trial last October. OmTo me Lalande used it to describe the damage he suffered as a result of the minister’s remarks.

“I feel this way. Attack, humiliation, harassment, exploitation, dragging through the mud, ”he added.

Photo by David Boyle, Press Archives

Pierre FitzGibbon, Minister of Finance

OmTo me Laulande is suing Minister Pierre FitzGibbon on suspicion that she may be subjecting herself to an interesting conflict over the protection of Group Capitals Medias (GCM) newspapers. In the summer of 2019, the Quebec government refused to take over the media, which provoked the anger of Pierre Carl Peladio. The Deszardins Group refused to finance the GCM Rescue Plan through a co-operative formed by its own employees.

Sylvie Lalande chairs the board of chairs of Capital Regional at Cooperative Desjardines (CRCD), along with three other boards belonging to Quebecore (Quebecore, TVA Group and QMI).

In a press scrutiny in November 2019, Finance Minister Pierre FitzGibbon seemed to suggest this proximity. “Look who’s sitting on the board,” he replied to a journalist who asked if the CRCD was independent. Called to clarify his opinion about Mr.To me Lalande, he became troubled: “Tell me your answer [propre] Question. »

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According to Sylvie Lalande’s lawsuit, “She was abusive[ait] To continue unbelief ”.

There is no conflict of interest

Desjardins clarified that the CRCD Board of Directors had not studied the financing for the cooperation of GCM employees and therefore the conflict of interest had not materialized. Sylvie Lalande resigned as chairman of the board, and then another administrator sat at the head of Quebec and CRCD. Deszardins finally participated in the financial package.

“I am sorry for the impact of my legitimate questions on M’s form of conflict of interestTo me Lalande may have hurt him, ”Minister FitzGibbon tweeted in early December 2019.

However, the statement did not satisfy Sylvie Lalande, who sued the minister for $ 240,000 two months later.

In the defense he had just submitted, Mr. FitzGibbon said he had nothing to be ashamed of.

«M.To me Lalande is, in fact, in the eyes of the general public, reasonable and objective, in conflicting circumstances of interest, ”his lawyers wrote. “Minister FitzGibbon made no mistake in discharging his duty, nor did he cause any harm to Mr.To me Lalande. »

OmE Matthew Piche-Messier and M.E Mr. FitzGibbon and Mr. Richard Watchen representing.To me Lalande, however, declined to comment on the case, which is before the courts.