February 23, 2024

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Crosby has no friends …

Crosby has no friends ...

Brandon Dubinsky did not do well with the Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby and made a questionable statement about him on Thursday.

The Columbus Blue Jackets Center, which was invited to the “The Garage and Beers Podcast”, has been sidelined since 2018-2019 with a chronic wrist injury, calling for a choice between Crosby and Alex Ovechkin: a permanent rift.

“Everyone wants to talk about Sid [Alex Ovechkin] Or whatever. See, f ** k sid. I take Ovi every day of the week, ”Dubinsky said.

This is an opinion even though it is designed in a somewhat ingenious manner. On Twitter on Friday, the 34-year-old clarified his opinion, while at the same time attacking his opponents.

“Listen. Crosby is better than me and I never said he was not. He’s clearly one of the best players of all time. It’s” OV “vs. Sid. None of you have played in the NHL and know how hard it is to score in the NHL. 724 is unbelievable,” Dubinsky said. , Referring to the number of career goals scored by Ovechkin, before Friday’s game.

The American added a layer, however, which may not appeal to Crosby fans.

“‘Sid’ complains too much and ‘OV’ shuts up and plays hard,” Dubinsky continued.

A certain animosity

After 16 seasons in the National Hockey League, Crosby and Ovechkin face off on points. The former scored 1,303 points (476 goals and 827 assists) in 1,020 games, while the latter scored 1,309 (724 goals and 585 assists) in 1,184 games.

Despite their different styles, both are remembered as two of the best players in league history.

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As “The Score” points out, Crosby and Dubinsky have a beautiful stone relationship. In 2010, Dubinsky called his opponent a vicious player and complainant.

In 2015, the two got into a fight and nine months later, former New York Rangers kicked Crosby in the neck, giving him a game suspension.

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