July 5, 2022

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French Homework: How to bite Bill 101

French Homework: How to bite Bill 101

Sociologist Guy Rocher – Bill 101’s father, a former friend of Camille Lorraine – had high hopes for Minister Simon Jolin-Barrett, who invited him not to do it in “half measure” with his action plan to strengthen it. The existence of the French language.

Guy Rocher argues that Bill 101 extends to CEGEPs and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), except to impose the exclusive use of French on Minister Simon Jolyn-Barrette’s, to ensure the “power of the English language ‘in all spheres” to ensure its power.

“I want to be Camille Lauren of Simon Jolin-Barrett CAQ,” the co-author of the French language charter said in an interview. Destiny. The elected 34-year-old Coquista shows the same “courage” he found to ensure the adoption of legislation on state secularism by the National Assembly, in June 2019, by Professor Emeritus Montreal at the university.

Expand Bill 101 to CEGEPs

Faced with the “great fascination” of the English language among the youth, Guy Rocher invited Mr. Jolin-Barrett not to go all out to tighten the access of francophones and allophones to the Anglophone CEGEPs. “The experience we have with Bill 101 is that if we open a dyke, it explodes. If we allow a certain number, we quickly expand the error,” the sociologist warned.

In this spirit, the Coquista government, according to him, should extend the French language charter to college studies. “If Francophones and Allophones allow us to continue their college and university studies in English, we are heading for a very serious cultural and linguistic crisis in Quebec in the next twenty-five or fifty years, it is clear,” he said. People need to know about the growth of the empire. “When we make laws as important as Law 101 or [celle qui dans les cartons de Simon Jolin-Barrette], We should not see only in the present. What is important is foresight, it is the future. I found out at the Parent Commission. We work for the next twenty-five or fifty years. It is the same for Bill 101, “the 96-year-old man who contributed to the democratization of the education system and” the Francophones who had hitherto lagged behind in Quebec, giving opportunities to boys and girls “.

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The “anti-English nationalism” that ruled campuses disappeared in the 1970s. “When we implemented Bill 101, there was not a very strong appeal for English among French Canadians. There is also a repulsion, I would say. In colleges, there are students who refuse to learn English. “

Unique use of French in public codes

Guy Rocher recommends that the Quebec government impose (again) the need for exclusive use of French in matters of public signage and advertising, despite resorting to the exceptions provided for in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. “However, using the law is not a mortal sin,” he said.

Professor Rocher recalled that before the Supreme Court’s rejection in 1988, the National Assembly ordered the exclusive use of French in terms of public signage and advertising – at the instigation of the Rene Lowesque government. “It was a very repressive attack by the Supreme Court of Canada because it revived bilingualism, which went directly against Bill 101, which established French as the common language,” he stressed. According to him, the rule of apparent dominance of the French is not enough. Therefore it must be by-passed.

Franchise SMEs

The Office Cubacois de la Long Franchise (OQLF) must support SMEs so that they can translate French into a working language without forcing them to form a franchise committee like large companies, Guy Rocher continues, noting that immigrants are increasingly employed in SMEs. Referring to the $ 104 million allocated in the Quebec budget, he said, “This is unique where immigrants find themselves, and franchise is needed.” 2021-2022 “French as the official language and common language of Quebec to maintain and strengthen its status”.

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“Lauren Strategy”

Adopting the three austerity measures he politely suggests to Minister Jolin-Barrett will not solve the language problem. “We have a language problem in Quebec. This is our duty, “Mr. Rocher said before submitting the fourth proposal: Quebec’s independence. “For me, Quebec has no future in Canada. […] As long as we are in this “Canadian straightjacket”, we will have a language problem, if not a crisis, “he told government members. Franకోois Legalt – “Canadian Quebec nationalists” – do not hold back. “They summarize our ambiguities nicely.”

Guy Rocher urged the Coquist government to “deal with the spirit of Camille Lorraine”, which did not succumb to the doubts of Prime Minister Rene Lowesque, Council of Ministers, Parliamentary group. Quebec Party, National Assembly and other members of pressure groups. “He was not afraid to bring in a law that would not please those who were with him. He did not try to pass the law quickly.”

After becoming Minister of Cultural Development, Camille Laurin drafted the French Charter, which became “the symbol of the survival of the French language and our Quebec singular” almost 45 years later. Sociologists Fernand Dumont and Guy Rocher sided with him. Bill 101’s “magnitude” surprised not only opposition MPs but also PQ’s. “Nothing is forgotten.”

“I think it’s dangerous, half measure. If there’s anything that bothers me, it’s the spirit of half action. We’re at a point where we need to act more forcefully,” he argued over the phone. Put “, the thinker and builder continues.

“At my age, 96, what worries me is not the present, it’s the future … because I’m not there to fight,” Guy Rocher concluded.

Language progress and setbacks