June 7, 2023

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Gala Artis: First nominations for Gabriel Fontaine and Christian Begin

Gala Artis: First nominations for Gabriel Fontaine and Christian Begin

Gabriel Fontaine and Christian Begin will both have the opportunity to depart at the next Artis Gala with the first Artis Trophy, which will be performed on May 9th.

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Passey-Carrie’s narrator and a member of the youth magazine team 14 thousand million things to know Elody Grenier, alias Passey-Partout was able to stand out. If one or the other wants to be a winner in the “Artist of Youth Programs” category, it must be the preference of Valerie Chevalier and Pascal Morrisset. Crazy pig, As well as peer-look funk (14 thousand million things to know, One day forever, Alternatives).

All of these nominees were unveiled at a meeting Friday morning Hi Hello, At TVA, Christian Begin’s name for the first time, associated with a great television celebration.

The quality of his game in front of the series cameras Guys Among the men exemplified in the male role / comedies category was Adib Al-Khalid (Like-Moi!), Mehdi Bausaidan (Rue King), Peer-Look Funk (Rue King, Between the two sheets) And Martin Matte (Beautiful inconveniences 2.0).

The competition to get the idol of the female role / annual drama series is guaranteed to be fierce. With Helen Bourgeois-Leclerc Cross Paths (For life), Genevieve Browlet (District 31), Maud Gurin (5E Rang), Marina Orsini (Another story) And Catherine Saint-Laurent (District 31).

Woman of the Year?

Who is the sacred female personality? Julie Le Breton can be expected to win the honor for the second time in a row, with Sarah-Jean Labros dreaming of regaining the title she won in 2019. Queen Gailine Tremble, who belongs to this category, also has her chances. Among them were France Boudoin and Julie Snyder.

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Animation of 36E The edition of the Artis Gala was commissioned by Charles LaForce and Guy Jodoin. The awards ceremony will air on May 9 on TVA. In the evening, winners will be announced in 16 categories.