June 7, 2023

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Income tax return | Before the Quebecs 2020

Income tax return |  Before the Quebecs 2020

(Montreal) More Quebeckers have completed their March 31 tax returns than last year, but the extra time granted last year due to the epidemic could do anything with it.

The Canadian Press

Last Wednesday, Revenue Quebec received 2,148,000 tax returns, up from 1,967,000 on the same date last year.

“It’s very difficult to compare two years, as we remember last year, we were at the peak of the health crisis.

“It simply came to our notice then. ”

In 2019, 2,205,000 ads were completed by March 31, before the epidemic.

Mr Croto believes this year’s figures are the equivalent of a “non-Kovidian year”; Ads are sent at a more normal speed.

As in previous years, the electronic route is increasingly being used by Quebecars: 91% of them have chosen this route.

This is a good idea, according to Mr. Croto, because the processing of declarations on the Internet is twice as fast, benefiting six out of 10 QBakers who are eligible for a refund.

As of March 29, 9,099,028 revenue from Canadians had been submitted to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), of which over 93% were electronic.

Epidemic measures

This year, Revene hopes to show “flexibility” once again to help Quebecs suffering from the effects of the Quebec pandemic.

For example, it is possible for citizens working with taxpayers to sign electronic documents.

Individuals who have benefited from pandemic-linked assistance programs, including the Canadian Emergency Benefit (CEP) and those earning less than 000 75,000 per year, can also benefit from the interest holiday with Revenue Quebec.

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“We invite them to contact our customer service if they have a tax balance that they cannot pay, then it is not possible to conclude a payment agreement and pay interest,” the spokesman said.

Simplified method for teleworking

Reve Quebec has also developed a simple method for Quebec workers that requires them to pay a fee to set up an office at home.

Some costs are borne by the owners, but the government can pay part of it. Requested cubes are eligible for a refund of $ 2 per day, up to a maximum of $ 400.

“The great advantage of this method is that it is very easy, you do not have to find supporting documents. You fill out a form and you can take advantage of this exemption, ”said Mr. Croto.

Those who are accustomed to submitting a request using the traditional method will still be able to do so.