May 17, 2022

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LinkedIn offers simultaneous leave to its employees

LinkedIn offers simultaneous leave to its employees

Thousands of employees are on vacation per week: LinkedIn has made this decision for many staff, starting Monday to give them time to recharge their batteries and avoid the risk of burning out at work.

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“The whole business is magic about taking a break at the same time. And the best? He should not be greeted by a blizzard of unanswered emails when he returns,” a professional social network spokesman said Friday.

She clarified that most of the 15,900 full-time employees are covered by the advance week of paid leave, “a major portion of the employees will continue to work. They can take days later ”.

LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, is one of the digital services launched during the epidemic, thanks to control measures and the use of professional or entertainment platforms.

The San Francisco-based company, which operates telecommuting until September 2021, has already closed for a few days in late December.

“People came back excited, they were able to leave their homes, read books or watch movies,” said Teula Hanson, director of human resources at LinkedIn in an interview with CNN Business.

“We have been told that it is a good idea to grant our employees paid leave during the new week, not only to avoid the risk of burnout (professional burnout, editor’s note), but also to show them our gratitude.”

She said the company has already taken steps to help others with compassion workshops for executives and employees, “days without meetings” in line with remote working conditions. “Saying no” to their leaders if necessary.

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During the holiday week, LinkedIn plans to offer daily activities to the employees they want, especially those who have “less interaction with other people”.

Major tech groups were the first in the United States to adopt telecommuting in early March last year, and many have not reopened their offices, or only partially. Twitter extended it indefinitely.

At LinkedIn, employees are able to continue working up to 50% of the time away from home even after the start of face-to-face re-employment.