May 27, 2022

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Why thank Aamir Attaran

Why thank Aamir Attaran

By dragging us through the mud and associating us with the worst racists in the United States, a professor at the University of Ottawa is working hard to give us a dirty reputation. However, the majority of Canadians are silent. A few citizens defended us.

Amir Attaran should not be expelled from his university. We have to instrument it.

Because Amir Attaran, who is happy with the media attention he enjoys, sheds the protective mask that hides the English Canadians who think less of us than this teacher.

The proof is that the minority English-speaking voices have heard themselves denying power. The Rector, who started with Jacques Fremont, is a coward trying to secure his job.

His performance

The rector must be convicted, or removed from office. In fact, if he blames Attaran today, it is because he did not have the courage to say his name. How can colleagues and students who share the insulting professor’s attention be the head of this bilingual university where French-speaking professors print themselves with hot iron?

Rector Fremont and many others like him showed themselves in their true light, accusing Lecturer Lieutenant-Dowell of subtly attacking her by using “NN” in a case in which the student was racially charged.

Professor Attaron, continue to speak recklessly against the Quebeckers so that they can let go of their intelligence and their self-flagging reflex and rent a new life to be angry and finally rebel.

Historical struggle

Enemies like Attaron help us to open our eyes and not turn a deaf ear to the insults that target us. Since the adoption of Law 21 and in the wake of the violent attacks we have to get out of our paralysis and announce the version of Law 101, which is already very weak.

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You must have traveled all over Canada to understand the incredible indifference towards French Quebec. To comprehend, moreover, the lack of awareness of the historic struggle in Quebec among the new Canadians. It is based entirely on ignorance about the history of Canada since the discovery of Jacques Cartier in 1534.

Thunderous voices like Attaron are not a force to be reckoned with, but they awaken many Canadians ’prejudices against Quebeckers as they distort their beautiful Canada. Attaron played the role of a vocal critic who described what he described as “restless” breaking disunity from Newfoundland to British Columbia.


The epidemic has a wide back. It is for this reason that so far the Quebeckers have responded with nothing but words.

But the shock and first reaction from Amir Attaran, in a way, should encourage us to take to the streets if Rector Jacques Fremont takes the reason for the awakening he has received at his university. Thousands at the end of the epidemic to confirm our pride in being Cubans. As in the past, all united voices declare that our progressive nationalism is open to the world.

When do we see the Quebec song: J Me Souvenies?