July 5, 2022

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Eric Stall, “A Special Talent”

Eric Stall, "A Special Talent"

Marco Scandella rubbed shoulders with Eric Stall with Minnesota Wild in 2016-2017. The Montreal defenseman, acquired from the miserable Buffalo Sabers by the Montreal Canadians last year, believes GM Mark Bergevin’s recent take will be fun with CH, but his teammates will enjoy what he offers on the ice.

Also, don’t be surprised to learn that the Bell Center on the back of the St. Louis Blues has been identified as his favorite amphitheater, which represents beautiful things.

“He’s got a special talent,” Scandella said in a phone interview with TVASports.ca from Missouri. He is a man of respect. He has been playing in this league for a long time. He won the cup and he played over 1000 games in the league.

From his first training session with a great striker in Minnesota, Scandella was amazed at his natural skills, which he described as unmatched.

“I saw him skate and it was a small attempt. I had never seen a skate like this before. He was never tired. I said ‘Wow! Okay. That’s it, Eric Stall’.”

“He stole”

Five years later, the 36-year-old Ontario is undoubtedly on the downside of a career that began in 2003-2004. The veteran, who averages 15:34 seconds per game in Buffalo, may skip his turn at some point during the tough schedule awaiting the Hobbs by the end of the season.

Never mind, the circuit’s skaters were full of praise for him, and like his fellow Sabers Kyle Okposo, Stall “continues to play well” in Montreal.

Scandella agrees. He said the center player age or his huge 6’4 “physique did not slow him down.

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“Guys who skate like him, you see nothing. He flies on the ice for a guy with a big build, he noticed. He wants to create a scoring opportunity all the time. With his skate, he really enjoys poking the puck. He constantly wants her on his stick and he opens the game.

“He attacks himself.”

Is also strong in defense

But Stall’s skills were not limited to attacking. He has a 48% efficiency rate in the Face of Circle and has also scored three of his 10 points in special teams, leading to 1.2 turnarounds per game.

“He’s very far with his stick and people do not realize how good he is defensively. I have a lot of respect for him. He’s a quiet leader, but everyone in the locker room loves him. This is the person you want on your team.

“He shows up every night. He’s good on every team he’s involved with. I’m never seen him take an evening off (Off at night). »

For a defender, confronting a player with such luggage is a nightmare. Scandella testified to this during his games and practice with the Carolina Hurricanes while in the same league in Minnesota.

“He still wants to puck,” he stressed. He looks for an exit in the middle by accelerating. You have to respect his speed. Because he is big and strong, if he surpasses you, he will bring you out.

“His shot is an asset. He always finds ways to score. He’s the wrong player and he can produce. I do not care about his stats in Buffalo.

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“He’s a good passer, he’s a long way off and all the ‘package’ he dominates even at 36 years old.”

Learn from Brind’Amour

As far as Nick Suzuki, Jesperi Cotkani and Jake Evans are concerned, Bergevin defended the trade on the grounds that his center line is too short and inexperienced, who could be hit early Monday.

A young man gets everything by gooing on a player like Stall in the face-off circle and in the gym. In January 2010, Carolina Hurricanes recalled Quebec forward Jerome Samson, with whom he lived in the Baptism NHL.

The former striker impressed himself with the manner in which the future captain behaved and let “his desire to win” sweat all the time.

“In the locker room, he got his place. His locker rod was next to Brind’Amors. He was sure he would be captain one day or another, he explained.

“He’s a man who can build around you (a unit). He’s an adult and his best hockey is behind him, but he’s so far away, you feel like he’s not going fast.

“But a stride for him, it’s two for me!”

A mentor to the youth

When Kirk Mల్లెller came to power of the Hurricanes in 2011-12, he promoted Samson to the Stall Trilogy and included him in the first wave of a massive attack “for fifteen games”. He was happy that CH had made his acquisition.

“When CH ended the exchange, I told him it was a fantastic decision. Although it’s no longer at its core, CH has no players of its caliber. He’s not going to fight, but he’s going to let it go.

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But Samson believes Suzuki, Kotkamini and Evans could benefit from such a mentor.

“In a team, if someone doesn’t push you behind you, it’s easy to lose the effort that allows you to outdo yourself,” he says. If one player does not work, another will replace them. Corey Perry is a fat man. He doesn’t play for 20 minutes, but he shows you what you need to play every day.

“You have to go to the gym after games and after training. Becoming a professional player is a way of life. It’s not a ten to noon job. This can take a long time. You play 82 games in a season, but you are not there for only two hours. ”

If planned, Stall will land with the Canadians on Monday night. He has been looking for his first goal since January 30th.