May 22, 2022

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Jordan | The former crown prince has been accused of undermining state security

Jordan |  The former crown prince has been accused of undermining state security

(Amman) Prince Hamza, the brother of King Abdullah II and many others, two of whom hold positions of responsibility in Jordan, have undermined state security, Jordan’s deputy prime minister said Sunday.

France Media Agency

Amene Safadi told a news conference that 14 to 16 people had been arrested, including Sheriff Hassan Ben Zaid. He also held the post of Foreign Minister.

“Prince Hamza bin Hussein, Sherif Hassan bin Zayed and Bassem Awadallah and others have long pursued security services aimed at the security and stability of the motherland,” he said.

“Investigation and monitoring of contacts with foreign parties aimed at destabilizing Jordanian security was made possible by the investigation,” he said.

According to him, security services have recommended King Abdullah II to refer all those caught before the state security court.

“However, to resolve the matter within the framework of the Hashemite family, the king decided to have a conversation with Prince Hamza, to prevent his activities from continuing. […] The security of Jordan and Jordanians will be exploited to change and it will break with the Hashemite family traditions and values, ”the minister said.

But it got worse. “The Joint Chiefs of Staff met with Prince Hamza on Saturday to convey the message and asked him to suspend all movements and activities aimed at Jordan’s security and stability, but Hamza acted negatively without taking this request into consideration, noting that Prince Hamza was under house arrest without confirmation. He said.

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The Minister referred to the communications between persons belonging to the Hamza Circle and between the “organs abroad”.

According to Mr Safadi, “a man with ties to foreign security services is in talks with Prince Hamza’s wife and offered to provide her with a plane to depart from Jordan for a foreign country.”