March 21, 2023

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Actress Tandiwe Newton uses her real first name

Actress Tandiwe Newton uses her real first name

(Los Angeles) Don’t call her Thandi Newton – British actress, star of the series Westworld, Her first name “beloved” in the South African language Shona, decided to return to Tandive’s early spelling, she announced in an interview with the British edition of the magazine Vogue, Published on Sunday.

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The daughter of a British lab technician and Zimbabwean princess, Tandive Newton said her first name spelling on the credits in her first acting role for the film has been changed. Flirting Since 1991, she has only been 16 years old.

Now’s the star Westworld Returns to his original first name.

“This is my name. It’s always my name. I’m taking it back,” she told the magazine.

Father Newton has long fought against the cause of women and sexual harassment. She spoke out against racist and sexual harassment in Hollywood.

In the interview given Vogue, The actress claims to be the director FlirtingJohn Duigan asked her to take a “slightly darker” skin tone for the role and the 39-year-old director reiterated allegations that she had entered into a relationship of a sexual nature, which she had previously described as “forced”.

She also recalls other racist and sexual incidents, including the director who sexually harassed her before showing the video of the incident to others.

“I was hurt,” the actress told the magazine.

Father Newton also speaks honestly about his struggle with eating disorder, calling it “the most horrible dance ever to bring life.”

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