June 30, 2022

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Blue Jackets: John Torrella has nothing to be happy about

Blue Jackets: John Torrella has nothing to be happy about

The Columbus Blue Jackets are moving further away from the 2021 playoffs and their recent tour did not please their head coach John Tortorella at all as they seem to be strapped in for solutions.

The Ohio team ended their overseas tour 3-0 at the hands of the Florida Panthers on Sunday. She finished last in the Central Division after losing five of her six games in that series and is five points behind fourth-placed Nashville Predators. In addition, all of its rivals hold at least two parts in hand.

However, Jackets believed they had made a good move by getting Patrick Line from the Winnipeg jets on January 23, but his arrival did not have the expected impact. They have scored only 98 goals this season; This is far from the 130 goals of the Panthers and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Because of this, Columbus had a minimum margin error and could not bear the setback in the games, which happened in the third period on Sunday. Back with a 1-0 lead, Tortorella’s men gave up twice in four minutes.

“We are not a club that scores five goals a night. So we need to make sure we do things right, especially at the last engagement. Otherwise, it will be difficult for us to win, lamented the driver on NHL.com. In the previous match, we had 20 scoring chances, but this time it was not enough. “

Do not like to talk

As has happened many times, Tortorella was reluctant to explain the plight of his troops in front of journalists. In the neutral zone, especially when asked about the decisions of his players in Puck’s possession, he was at least brief in a few replies.

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“I have to watch the video,” he replied.

Then, when asked about his family trip and the lack of satisfactory results despite great efforts, he was not much of a talker. “Okay, we are 1-5. I need not say more, ”he admitted, before answering another question, adding that he was at times happy with the group’s performance.

Tortorella will now make a big surprise against Lightning for his cause, which he will host on Tuesday and Thursday. Florida Club 26-10-2.