June 30, 2022

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Mary-Maui chooses “socially acceptable and traditional” clothing!

Mary-Maui chooses "socially acceptable and traditional" clothing!

Following the famous “Donut Hole” Top Saga, Mary-Maui Decided to play it Safe For tonight’s elimination party Big Brother Celebrity!

Eh yes, Excellent The host wore black and white last week, The huge circular flower-shaped top, pointed at her cleavage, caused a lot of reactions on social networks … very well Than a good amount Memes Was born!

Instagram Mary-Maui

So that, Mary-Maui Decided to straighten things out with a dress for tonight «Socially acceptable and traditional»!

«Dressed in a socially acceptable and traditional manner for Easter
igbigbrothercelebrites @ noovo.ca
“, She revealed hilariously, via Instagram.

(Don’t forget to scroll left to see all the photos from the carousel!)

Did you like This dress is amazing! And what about the little touch of blue makeup that completes all of this! The entire team, including the makeup artist, is also involved in brightening up the star Sophie Parrot, Hair salon David de Amores As well as stylist Patrick Wimbor.

Although she seemed to be back on her feet Mary-Maui This evening will sit in a chair and animate, After his skiing accident!

This Sunday, at 7pm, Nuvo and Noovo.ca, Viz Camille Felton And Jean-Thomas Jabin For the twelfth elimination of the season, those on the block.

Do you think any celebrity deserves more access to the final? Big Brother Celebrity With Kim Clawell And Franకోois Lambert?!

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