March 21, 2023

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The wave of environmentalists in municipal elections?

The wave of environmentalists in municipal elections?

The non-partisan movement wants to promote environmentalists as candidates in the November 7 municipal elections in Quebec.

La Wag Ecologist M Municipality has recently launched its activities with the aim of helping to germinate green applications in all the municipalities in the province.

The movement believes that the majority of the population wants the government to take action at various levels in the fight against climate change.

“At the municipal level, we don’t always think about it, but it has a huge impact on our GHG emissions. [gaz à effets de serre] In Quebec, ”said Mary-Ove Belanger-Southe, a municipal coordinator of La Veg Ecologist at TVA Novels.

The movement seeks to manage and act on environmental candidates, whether independent or affiliated with a political party.

The impartial organization wants to bring knowledge and expertise to the candidates who are willing to make commitments in declaring the environmental wave to the municipality.

The movement claims that the environmental cause reaches many citizens across the province.

“There are dozens of us across Quebec who wrote to us before we started this week,” said Mary-Ove Belanger-Southee.

The coordinator of the La Wag ecologist at the municipality said people who express their interest come from different backgrounds.

“In our efforts, we have focused on encouraging young people, women, and people to hire them, because at the moment there is a huge deficit,” Mary-Ov explains. Belanger-South.

The number of candidates who want to support the movement does not have a specific goal, but hopes to make its presence felt by November.

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“Currently, 4,300 elected municipal officials have been elected with applause. At least this year, people can choose to vote for a real environmentalist, which would already be a good deal!”