July 5, 2022

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Xbox to Plan “What’s Next for Gaming” Conference Coming Soon | Xbox One

Xbox to Plan "What's Next for Gaming" Conference Coming Soon |  Xbox One

We reported to you in February that Microsoft is planning a number of events and conferences related to the Xbox and its cloud gaming this year. At these events the expected game stock highlighting Azure Playfob tools used to facilitate the development of games using cloud infrastructure. And we are learning now ZDNet The “Next for Gaming” event will take place next to the Microsoft Build Conference, confirmed by Azure’s Chief Technical Officer. Today we learn about these upcoming events.

New limit on game stock, cloud

Microsoft has shown special interest in using the cloud for video game development purposes by acquiring Start-up Playfob in 2018 before fully integrating it into its cloud architecture. Azure Playfob provides servers for developers, but also solutions for matchmaking, chat, and other important features for many topics. By providing access through the cloud, Microsoft saves studios time and allows them to use tools that require hardware and storage capacity.

ID software is one of the studios that uses the technology provided by Microsoft, which, according to Travis Bradshaw, the program’s main programmer, is capable of developing Doom Eternal’s multiplayer mode content over the course of a year. Of the studio. The GameStock Conference, which takes place between April 20 and 21, is specifically aimed at developers, promoting the software suite that Azure Playfob makes available to them, and especially independent studios that have not benefited from sufficient resources to create proprietary solutions.

Microsoft’s Cloud Gaming: Xbox serves creators and gamers

Recent information on the Discord purchase negotiations once again demonstrates Microsoft’s desire to gain a foothold in the social platform world, but above all it proves to be a significant asset to Microsoft’s cloud gaming services, in which Discord Chat can be imagined as an integrated solution. Player communities and existing services in the app may be in addition to Xbox Live Clubs, which may resize studios’ online services or may be a manufacturer such as Nintendo that can use Playfob.

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The future of Microsoft build and development

Microsoft Build is a conference dedicated to Redmond developers. It looks at all its new development technologies for PC, console or augmented reality. With the introduction of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, Microsoft DirectX provided software tools included in the X12 that specifically enabled ray tracing on the console or even machine learning for a variety of uses, including super sampling already in use. Via DLSS from Nvidia on PC.

However, the new consoles did not take advantage of the so-called “next-gen” tools, somewhat due to the support of previous generation machines, but also due to the late arrival of Devkits in the hands of developers. If games take full advantage of the DirectX12 solutions, the Microsoft build event on May 25-27 is likely to show accurate examples of the results expected from the Xbox series, but we will be very careful that build conferences never give the opportunity to highlight video games for Microsoft.

What’s next for gaming: Le Future de Xbox

According to information from ZDNet, an incident What’s Next for G Gaming This year is planned next to game stock and build events and Microsoft will talk with its Xbox branch about what it is preparing for the future of video games. We can assume that this will take place between April and June before the big annual E3 meeting.

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It’s hard to imagine what Microsoft will be displaying at such a video game event right now, but the big game announcements will definitely be booked for June. For its “Gaming for What’s Next” conference, Xbox could focus more on its Xbox game pass and XCloud services with the display of some bonus games. For example, we know that play-to-play games no longer require Xbox Live Gold or that xCloud must come on iOS and PC. Following the March meeting dedicated to standalone Xbox games, the brand is now even more evident in the major releases of the year, including Forza Horizon 5.