December 4, 2022

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Facebook data breach: 3.5 million Canadian victims

Facebook data breach: 3.5 million Canadian victims

Of the 533 million Facebook users who have free access to personal data on hacking sites due to the 2019 leak, nearly 3.5 million are Canadians, according to lists currently circulating on the Internet. Destiny Contacted.

These lists include telephone numbers, city of residence, occupation and employer name, as well as the gender of Internet users.

The Business Insider site reported the existence of these lists on Saturday. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that the data came from a leak caused by a network correction error in 2019.

In January, the motherboard section of MediaWise reported the existence of these lists. The personal data that was there was then sold. Today, they are available for free.

In total, users in 106 countries have 45 million accounts in Egypt, 39 million accounts in Turkey, 32.3 million accounts in the United States, nearly 20 million accounts in France and 11.5 million accounts in the UK.

More details will follow …

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