May 27, 2022

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Beautiful puck by Eric Stall

Beautiful puck by Eric Stall

Round and black darling, I adore you:

You are my livelihood, you are my gold mine …

Forgive me, Rosita is my treasure,

I’m only happy when I score …

And to score, I need you,

That said in a good sense …

Because if I put you twice between two posts,

I definitely don’t expect to have twins!

Rosita La Rondelle, my favorite,

I can tell you that you drive me crazy

Your heart is warm, your body is soft:

No wonder you are made of rubber!

When I took you and controlled you

This is not my fault, I think it’s very funny …

As soon as you brush against it my stick shakes,

I know him well: he is not made of sheet metal!

– Jacques Lemire (and Andre Rufiange)

Rosita washers The poem that was announced on the talk show of the very shy Jacques Lemire Lis Poet. In the days when we asked ourselves intelligent questions on a party talk show.

Ball of Pete Rose

Before talking about Eric Stall’s puck, take the ball one step back from Pete Rose’s 4192nd hit. It is located at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati. In September 1985. In the morning, Sports Director Pierre Goebbels called me to say that a plane ticket to Cincinnati was waiting for me at the airport. With Gobel, this is not to be confused with Puk. I was standing in the press gallery when Pete Rose hit the ball that had fallen to safety and the stadium literally exploded.

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To find the original dimension, I left the stadium to watch the cars hitting the horns on the streets and people giving each other a laugh High five On the sidewalks. Unhappy. It gave a good chronicle.

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The next morning, when I returned, I read an unusual text. I do not remember who wrote it. Maybe it is New York Times

The columnist dared a text in the first person to tell the adventure of the ball of hit. How the bullet is rubbed with traditional clay to remove its luster, how she hopes in a cardboard box, how she believes she lost her chance to be famous when the referee ended up in the pocket. ..

And, when Pete Rose, by hitting a wrong ball, allows him to finish for a shot at the hands of Eric Shaw’s pitcher, it leads her to the Hall of Fame. Or on the wall at Pete Rose Steakhouse in Florida.

Very large text … I was proud to have written it.

On a plate

Black washer Eric Stall scored in overtime Monday night at the Bell Center Does not enter the Hall of Fame.

Although this was Stall’s first goal for Canadians. Above all, it was the Canadian’s first goal in overtime this season.

Paul Byron went on to bring darling Rosita into the net after the goal. He gave it to Stall.

Rosita is lucky. It ends on a beautiful plaque ordered by Canadian Paul Wilson and ends on the wall in the Stall family’s billiard room. Or a large family room watching games on a 105-inch 5K TV.

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Alexander Romanov, Tyler Tofoli, Corey Perry and others already have more panels for first goals, including Jake Allen’s first win. With a photo of the magical moment and the names of colleagues who contributed to the goal of the celebration.

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It is not enough to win a Pulitzer Prize but it is enough to remind you that there are such blessed moments for the sport. A kind and courteous 36-year-old man was in his early forties and scored the winning goal in overtime in his first game with Glorieux.

It was still a beautiful moment for Rosita, who hid at the bottom of the National League’s ice house on a punishment bench with her thirty sisters after the warmup. And who ended up on the net!

Enough to write for up to 100 years.