March 24, 2023

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Jagmeet Singh agrees with NDP members’ proposal to oppose state secularism law in Quebec

Jagmeet Singh agrees with NDP members' proposal to oppose state secularism law in Quebec

The New Democratic Party (NDP) may officially assume the personal position of its leader this weekend, Jagmeet Singh, Against the law on state secularism (“Act 21”). A resolution calling on the NDP to “oppose and condemn” the Quebec Act will be voted on at a party conference starting Friday.

“Doing Law 21 is not the right thing to do, it discriminates against the population and I have already said that I condemn it. […] So I let the members decide what the priorities are, but I have already said that I want to create an organization that welcomes everyone [et] I do not support non-discrimination laws, ”Singh said on Wednesday. Although the leader suggested that the text proposed by his party members fit his position on the question, he was careful not to make any suggestions for the so-called terrorists to express themselves in various positions this weekend.

National Congress

NDP members were in the middle of voting on Wednesday to prioritize the various moves to be discussed at their annual conference, which began Friday with a speech by former leader Ed Bradbent.

One of these proposals is that the party should formally take a stand against Bill 21 passed by the government Franకోois Legalt In June 2019 and some state employees will be banned from wearing religious symbols. Jagmeet Singh himself wearing a Sikh turban Always opposed, Stated that it respects the jurisdiction of Quebec to legislate in this area. During the 2019 election campaign, He was an escapee The NDP government is likely to challenge Bill 21 in court.

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His predecessor, Thomas Mulcair, was mentioned in 2013 His unwavering support Before any legal challenge against the Quebec Charter of Values ​​of the Pauline Morois Government Qualify for your position. He later pointed out that the NDP does not directly fund legal actions taken by citizens.

Controversial proposals

Only a small fraction of the few 450 proposals To really discuss during the virtual assemblies that will take place until Sunday, the resolutions are called to be effectively put to the vote of NDP members. Of these, we find specifically about the removal of statues of former Canadian Prime Ministers, “the gradual removal of the Canadian Armed Forces”. John A. McDonald To “display them instead of in museums” or to modify the Canadian flag to “include primitive symbols”.

Chief Jagmeet Singh on Wednesday questioned the idea of ​​disbanding the Canadian army, saying “there is no respect for the soldiers who were there during natural disasters and there to help the population.” Except.

“There is a place for history, but we need to be aware of the message that some monuments and statues send in public and be open to progress in time,” Singh said, emphasizing the importance of symbols of aboriginal representation. Country.

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