February 23, 2024

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The population of Quebec is sinking

The population of Quebec is sinking

100 million Canadians for 2100: In 2016, Justin Trudeau’s advisers launched the proposal.

They therefore called for a drastic increase in immigration restrictions.

A few days ago, the proposal came back through the mouth of Brian Mulroney, though he was a respectable man.

This vision is evident of the Canadian establishment. Canada dreams of becoming a great world power.

May emigrate

Small concern, however: if this proposal is only partially implemented, it could lead to a sinking of the Quebec population, which will certainly transform into a small ethnic minority in Canada. The multicultural ideology combined with this population revolution will wipe him out of history for good.

This proposal provokes an outrage in Quebec: its integration capabilities are not infinite.

Alas, this is not so. Although massive migration is the main reason for the dynamic of anglicization, our mythical carelessness freezes us mentally.

Even nationalists are ashamed when it comes time to talk about it!

It must be said that the unjust ideological movement in Quebec is openly appealing for an increase in immigration restrictions. She is in a dangerous condition now.

We see this with the right of employers, which brings a worn-out propaganda of labor shortages, in fact it responds to desire Cheap labor.

It will be time to read again Inary Hot Compensation, Benoit Dubroil and Guillaume Marais, and Disappearing, By Jacques Howell who fragmented this argument.

When the economy is doing well, we are told to increase immigration restrictions on fuel. When it got worse, we were told we had to raise them to restore it.

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In general, we should always raise immigration restrictions. This is a theoretical theory.

Surprisingly, PLQ is in favor of this idea. Massive immigration is an electoral treasure for the PLQ, which is banking on it to democratically lock in Quebec’s political future and close its grip on Quebec.

But that’s not the worst.

We explained to them that in order to give the Quebecs, they must accept massive immigration in order to maintain their political and demographic weight in the Confederacy.

We are taken for idiots.

Therefore, in order to ensure Quebec weight in the federation, we must agree to reduce the weight of French-speaking Quebecs in Quebec.

Let’s run our .hals.

If, following the wave of massive Portuguese and Irish immigration, the Swedes become a minority in Sweden, will the latter still be Sweden?

If Catalonia had a larger population of non-Catalan Spaniards, would Catalonia still be Catalonia?


A country is not a statistical abstraction. It is the political expression of the people that we can welcome with the condition that we respect the welcoming abilities of the people.

In 1970, Rene Lowesque said there were two immigration units in Canada: one in Ottawa, one to drown us and one to record the sinking in Quebec.

This is even more true today. Finally, French-speaking Cubans are condemned as weak at home and dilute for good.

Can anyone imagine a good argument for independence?

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