June 27, 2022

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Bruce Boudreau believes in Eric Stall … and the Canadian

Bruce Boudreau believes in Eric Stall ... and the Canadian

Former head coach Bruce Boudreau, who previously coached Eric Stall with the Minnesota Wild, believes the help of veterans will allow the Montreal Canadians to go a long way in the playoffs.

Between 2007 and 2011, when Washington was in power in the capitals, Boudreau often faced stall. At the time, the athlete was one of the most dangerous center players on this tour.

So when he enjoyed a regular season with the Carolina Hurricanes and the New York Rangers in 2015-16, Boudreau was not worried. When the two joined the Minnesota Wild at the same time, for the 2016-17 campaign, the two had a good chat and leased a new life to Stall.

“When I was in Washington I remember how good he was when I was against Carolina,” Boudreau said in an interview for the podcast. Leisure time By Louis Jean. When Eric Stall was on foot to go, we were probably in trouble. “

“I didn’t think he was slowing down [en 2015-2016]. I think Carolina and New York put him in less insignificant situations. We know he still has plenty in the tank. “

Team player

In the stall, Bowds believes Hubs has earned an impeccable leader who puts the team ahead of individual victories. Recipients of the Jack-Adams Trophy in 2007-2008 also told a delicious story to prove it.

“In our final season meetings [après la campagne 2017-2018], I asked him if he wanted some things to change next season, Boudreau said. “You know what? My playing time has dropped this year, but I’m scored 42 goals. So I think you know what you’re doing.”

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Therefore, for Stall, there is no question of forgiving himself. For him, success is the only thing that matters.

“In the locker room, he’s one of the biggest ‘cheerleaders’ when the Player of the Match award is presented, regardless of whether he has a good or bad game. I always thought it was an indicator of his character.

A long journey for the Canadian?

Boudreau hopes veterans like Stall or Corey Perry will be key to ensuring CH success. He believes the final in the North Division will pit the Canadian against the Toronto Maple Leafs and the chances of the Montreal team winning.

“Montreal, when there are emotions, I think I can skate with Toronto. Some teams in this league can do that. If the Canadians’ defense can control the Toronto forward failure, the offense can go through the Toronto defense.”