May 23, 2022

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Liberal Party of Canada Congress | Liberals go to the polls

Liberal Party of Canada Congress |  Liberals go to the polls

(Ottawa) “Safe and Comprehensive Campaigns”, “Being a Liberal Candidate”, “Successful Fundraising”, “Election Preparation Update”. The Virtual Convention of the Liberal Party of Canada (PLC), which opened on Thursday evening, will give the place the pride of strategic consideration for the next election.

Melania MarquisMelania Marquis

These workshops and roundtables will, if not, make the resolutions that will be brought to the workers’ vote on Saturday – the basic universal income, the transition to a green economy – that should not make the headlines or put Liberal leader Justin Trudeau behind. Embarrassing.

On the other hand, Mark Carney, former governor of the Bank of Canada and former governor of the Bank of England, assured that Friday evening ‘s participation would attract attention.

Because, the 56-year-old man who recently returned to the country is expected to be the future Liberal leader. And in the process of fueling the rumor mill, he published a book, Value (s) – Building a better world for all, Last March.

In an interview, political scientist Stephanie Chaunard laments that “Justin Trudeau’s a good strategy to give too much visibility to an effective adversary, when his leadership is being challenged.”

A professor at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario, said, “We do not yet know the depths of Mark Carney’s idea of ​​entering politics.”

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Christiaan Freeland – who is also expected to take the reins of the party – in her speech on Thursday evening indicated that the federal government could allocate in its budget sums for childhood services. “A wonderful example of Quebec”.

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This is his first budget, to be submitted by the federal government on April 19 in two years.

Opposition parties can immerse themselves in the election campaign if they oppose the budget. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has signaled that his party will support the government to prevent a poll from hitting its nose.

The New Democrats meeting will also take place over the weekend.

Laurie Waridel on the show, but not at the party

Ecologist Laure Waridel is on the list of guest speakers at the Liberal Congress. This Friday, she will hold a conversation with her former comrade in arms at Equatorrey and now Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Gilbolt.

It should not be seen as following in the footsteps of her former colleague and intending to follow him to the Commons, she swears when she joins The Press, Thursday: “Certainly not! I do not intend to get involved in politics at the federal, provincial or municipal levels. ”

Managers know she criticizes some liberal policies.

“I will not hesitate to talk about the need to get out of fossil fuels, to remind the party that it is committed to discontinuing subsidies to the fossil fuels,” she said, urging those present on behalf of Mothers at the Front, which brings together mothers who care about the future of the next generation.

Speech by the Trudeau-Gregorian couple

At the end of the day of talks, on Friday, the Prime Minister’s wife, Sophie Gregor, will deliver a speech.

As for Justin Trudeau, he will be speaking at 4:30 pm on Saturday.

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