March 21, 2023

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When Legalt and Arruda throw the ball to each other

When Legalt and Arruda throw the ball to each other

I’m together. Who will decide on the steps taken by the government to combat Kovid?

Politician? Or public health?

We took the ball

Remember what we learned in early December on the Parliamentary Committee.

It’s not dr It is rare that restaurants and museums in the Red Zone were ordered to close their doors last September 28 by Fran అదిois Legalt.

“On the issue of certain environments, especially based on the epidemiology we have seen in museums and restaurants, we recommend that it be public, even if we do not demonstrate that people are not following the instructions. The National Director of Public Health. But the government has made another decision.”

“We’m comfortable with this decision, but it’s not our first scene.

This is dr Rarely said: “If you want to blame someone for this decision, blame the Prime Minister, I have to wash my hands.” ”

And that’s what we are Learned the day before yesterday ?

If Franకోois Legalt last week chose to send secondary 3, 4 and 5 students to school full time, because Public Health recommended it.

“Put my shoes on yourself,” the Prime Minister said. Last week, Public Health said: “We can reopen 3-4-5 full-time secondary schools”. Not for me to say: “No, no, no”. “

As Franకోois Legalt puts it: “If you want to blame someone for this decision, blame the Director of Public Health, I have to wash its hands.” ”

“Ask your mother”

In short, on one occasion (the closure of restaurants and museums last autumn), Franకోois Legalt made this decision and ignored it. Public health recommendations.

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(Dicky has no problem telling him “no, no, no”r Rs.)

And another (secondary 3-4-5 students returning to school full time), only applied the recommendations of Franకోois Legalt Public Health.

(He does not mean “no, no, no” to Dr Rs.)

There is an opinion that listening to Mr. Legalt, sometimes, he decides (proposed by Public Health, disposed of by a politician).

And sometimes our PM just follows what D says as a slaver Rare, because who is he to question what scientists are saying?

It reminds me of when I was little.

When I asked our mom a question, she would say, “Ask your dad. “

When I ask my father a question, he answers me: “Ask your mother. “

Fa that … I met it all.

Under the bus

One thing is for sure: after the end of the epidemic, Messrs. Legalt and Rare were not sure if they would care for each other.

When it is not the Director of Public Health who throws the PM under the wheels of the bus, it is the Prime Minister who throws the Director of Public Health in front of the truck.

It is time to end, otherwise it will be sorted in a gel-o filled pool.