June 30, 2022

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Catherine Lewak revisits her experience under the authority of L’Amor Est Dance Le Pri

Catherine Lewak revisits her experience under the authority of L'Amor Est Dance Le Pri

The ninth season of L’Amour est dans le pré is marked by the arrival of the new host, Catherine Lewak, and some amazing love stories.

If Alex and Denise find love, in addition to providing us with extraordinary television moments, we also greatly appreciate Catherine Lewak’s involvement with farmers. We can see that she has a lot of respect for the farming profession and her role this season is really close to her heart.

This allowed her to go from fan to host on social networks, in her experience.

She writes: ” I really enjoyed this first word in animation‌, your encouragement has touched me well throughout the season.

I am so glad to see your positive comments each week, your thoughts on the upcoming seasons and your great involvement in the history of the participants.

Thanks for being smart, it makes a real difference in our lives.

Thanks also to my favorite farmers in the world after my family members: Julian, Mark-Antoine, Martin, Alex and Denise.

Thank you for trusting me, you are so confident in me that we have always known each other and given a real chance to love. I adore you for that.

It’s a privilege to have you among my friends today and I can not wait to bake at Denise, he invited me, I can not believe it.

Thanks to Attraction Images and the entire team at Novo for believing that I can go from finished fan to host, even though I am a more completed fan than ever before, if possible.

You work so hard and passionately, you are almost like a farmer.

Finally, a special thank you to my family, I always feel proud to have grown up in this area, on the farm.

Farmers are resourceful, resourceful, generous and creative people.

Thanks to these values ​​I thrive every day in my environment.

Artists and farmers are very much in common and it is my good fortune to be living proof of that. »

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For the 10th edition, she will also take the opportunity to confirm her return next season: ” So I tell you next year and I remind you that you can register anytime for the 10th season of Love!

I can not wait to meet you and hope there are going to be some hihi girls. »

We hope so too!

Note that we were lucky to get pictures of Alex and David’s first romantic photo shoot. See the amazing result here.