July 1, 2022

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Oil leak | FA. Gautir still clings to Quake

Oil leak |  FA.  Gautir still clings to Quake

Grace Period of F.-A. Gautir Will be brief. Recently from the Davey de Lewis Shipyard, the ferry crew noticed an oil loss while connecting the matane and bi-comeo. The infamous boat will have to stay at the dock indefinitely.

Simon Carmichael, Local Journalism Initiative
The sun

After four months of absence, the ship returned to Matane a week ago. From 1Is April, F. -A. Gautir alternately provided services between Matani and Kot-Nord. After a few crossings, a slight oil leak was observed escaping from the cursed ferry.

Society des Traversiers du Quebec “Low and low” oil, if we talk about a few millimeters, the situation is unusual, especially F. -A. Gautier returned from Chantier Maritime Davy in Lewis, where the problem was definitely solved.

The leak is said to have come from a boat propulsion system that had already failed a few months ago. The failed gasket derailed the ferry for four months last November.

STQ had to pay 2.8 million to fix the problem, in addition to having to hire an icebreaker. Sarema1 Those who serviced the Maten-by-Comeau-Godboat ferry in the absence of F. -A. Gautir.

The regional agency believes the ship could be repaired in Matane. The Sarema Takes until coming back F.-A. Gautir.

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