May 19, 2022

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Cole Coffeefield: A Memorable Evening | The Journal of Montreal

Cole Coffeefield: A Memorable Evening |  The Journal of Montreal

“Playing hockey is not like going to the moon for him. Colorful as always in his language, Joel Bouchard provided this comparison to illustrate Cole Cofield’s unique and rare talent.

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For the first time with the Laval rocket, Cofield did not walk on the moon as Neil Armstrong did in 1969, but did as he had always done: surpassed a goal.

He scored two goals along with a coffeed assistant in a 5-3 win over Marlis on Friday in Toronto.

“I can’t ask for better,” Cofield said. It was a beautiful evening. I’m still learning, but I know what to expect for my first game. When you work hard in your territory, you get opportunities to attack. I also played with two good players (Wheel and Whelex). “

In the second period, the 44th scored a goal in his image. He posted near the circles on the left in the power play, beating Joseph Wall fast after an accurate pass from the Jordan Wheel. In the third shot of the game, he scored his first professional goal.

Towards the end of the middle period, Cofield added his first assist to Rocket captain Javier O’Leary’s goal. He continued his pace in the third period, hitting his own return to score his second game. The goal of great beauty. And the winning goal.

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“Cole has talent, he has a reward,” Bouchard said after the game. This is the marker. It was fun watching him score on his debut. We have a right to be happy for him. But Cole’s performance is not normal to the individual. ”

Two goals and a trophy

Obviously, the American did not disappoint in his early days. He has a tendency for the rival net. Ineligible attribute. But at five on five, the 5’7 ‘winger has more work to do than him. For Marlis’ first goal, Kale Cosila defeated Cofield and Wheels before surprising Charlie Lindgren.

Over the years, Cofield tells his loved ones the story of his first game with Pros. He can also say that he learned a few hours before the meeting that he had won the Hobby-Baker Trophy for the best player in the NCAA.


It is already written in the sky. But we are waiting for confirmation. NCAA officials unveil the Hobby-Baker Trophy winner during the Frozen Four Grand Final between the Universities of Massachusetts and St. Cloud State.

Coffeefield ballot edging forward Shane Pinto (pick of 2) winsE Senators tour in 2019 to play in North Dakota) and Minnesota State University goaltender Dryden McKay.

In his second season with the Wisconsin Badgers, Cofield burned the NCAA with 30 goals and 52 points in 31 games.

Wisconsin native Steven Points has carved out his name as the most prestigious of the individual NCAA trophies, reunited with an ambitious group of past recipients. Johnny Goudrow (2013-2014), Jack Eichel (2014-2015) and Kale Maker (2018-2019) have already received this honor.

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While the names of Eichel and McCarr can be traced to the ination Hanu, there are also former winners who did not have an excellent career in the NHL. We can think of Drew LeBlanc, Jack Connolly, Andy Miel or Blake Geoffrey, the four winners before Goudru in 2014.

At Canadians, Cofield became the first company to win the title after defenseman Tom Curvers in 1983-1984. Curvers, 7 selectionE Touring in 1981, when he won his fourth and final season title with the University of Minnesota-Duluth.