April 2, 2023

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Game and Mask Wearing: 5 Big Questions

Game and Mask Wearing: 5 Big Questions

Wearing the mask brings a share of its challenges to mandatory sports federations, which hope to resume their open operations in the coming weeks. Five questions are raised here.

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Is it mandatory to wear a mask for activities?

Reply: The Confederates want this to be the case, but the man who can reverse the outbreak of the epidemic in the coming weeks is very intelligent. Regardless, they follow the instructions so that their members can practice their favorite sports.

Some activities, such as skateboarding or walking with another family bubble, can be practiced outside the confines of the federation. How do the authorities enforce the sanitation measures in place?

Reply: The police should make their presence felt next weekend. On this subject, we invite you to read the text of colleague Genevieve Lazoi.

If wearing a mask for outdoor activities necessarily persists during the summer, especially during hot waves, will it lead to dehydration problems in some athletes?

Reply: When sporting activities resume in 2020, the mask will only be worn by sports facilities and shareholders. This season, the forecast has been extended to all athletes aged 10 and over. Currently, this reference raises a lot of questions from associations and parents, who are concerned about the effects of wearing a mask during sporting activities.

What masks are used in the context of federated sports?

Reply: This question cannot be answered at this time. It is not surprising that the masks used in schools are also ideal for outdoor activities. If so, it is not known whether the government is committed to providing them to sports associations.

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In some outdoor activities, such as baseball and soccer, wearing a mask may be mandatory (for example, a ball batting in the player’s direction)?

Reply: The good news is that this command only applies to young people aged 10 and over and senior groups aged three and over. No official instructions have yet been given to the federations. For example, can a baseball player remove his mask while defending on the field? No one knows yet. In soccer, can players remove their masks while on the field during play? Again, nothing is clear at the moment.