December 8, 2022

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The Court of Appeal affirms the law on Quebec’s self-determination

The Court of Appeal affirms the law on Quebec's self-determination

The Quebec Court of Appeal on Friday upheld Law 99 on self-determination in Quebec, rejecting a request by former equity party leader Keith Henderson.

“Undoubtedly, Quebec democracy today can breathe a certain sigh … but, to me, this sigh is the most passionate of all, because it is extraordinary for people to constantly fight and persevere to defend their right to exist”, then underlined by a press release.E Maxim Laport, a lawyer and former general president of the organization representing the Society Saint-Jean-Baptist (SSJB) at the trial.

The first articles of Law 99, adopted by the National Assembly in 2000, stated that “the Quebec people have no right to freely choose political rule and the legal status of Quebec” and upholds the 50% + 1 rule on referendums. Independence of the Province.

Keith Henderson has questioned these conditions for many years, with the support of Ottawa, declaring that Quebec has no right to unilaterally secede the province from the Canadian Confederation.

The decision, handed down Friday by Judge Robert Mainville, made it clear that the six articles contested would respect the Constitution.

Keep in mind that Mr. Henderson, who suffered his first failure in the Supreme Court in 2018, brought the case before the Supreme Court in Quebec last November.

A verdict in the political class was applauded

The decision was widely welcomed in the Quebec political class, especially by the party Quebecois leader Paul Saint-Pierre Plamondon.

“It is very unfortunate that a specific law and two court decisions are recognized for a rule like 50% +1. It should not be so in a normal democracy,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

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“The day we decide to be sovereign, we will be able to rely on this unique legal basis,” Soul Janetti, a social network member, said in solidarity with Jean-Lesz.