December 8, 2022

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Capital and its forgotten lessons

Capital and its forgotten lessons

This week will be 100 days by thousands of supporters of Capital Donald Trump, the heart of American democracy. A coup, we must not forget, is only aimed at reversing the outcome of a legitimate presidential election. 100 days later, where are we?

There is something on the mind over a period of 100 days. We’re in Washington these days only to have millions of people being vaccinated during Joe Biden’s first 100 days in the White House: 100 million? 150 million? 200 million?

There are still ambitious 100 days. The famous 100-day Napoleon, from his arrival in Paris until his final defeat at Waterloo after his exile on the island of Elba. Or Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s first 100 days as president, in the midst of the Great Depression, shook American society forever with his “New Deal”.

There is nothing glorious in the 100 days since the attack on the Capitol, but the bursting observation: Over time, the Gulf that separates our neighbors from the South expands. And this sad day of January 6 contributes to this.

Do not trust your eyes

We dismissed what we said and saw about that attack and now this is a completely different story that Republicans are telling. According to a Reuters / Ipsos poll, one in two believes they are peaceful, law-abiding Americans. Regardless of the damage, the police called for aggression and humiliation of elected officials.

Fifty-five percent of respondents who identify as more distorted, Republicans, said they believe the riots were led by violent left-wing protesters who tried to humiliate Donald Trump. Huge flags, red maga hats, “Trump!” Trump! Trump! … the business of leftists.

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The monk has completed work on 377 riots arrested and charged in connection with the attack on the Chicago Project Capital on security and threats at the University of Chicago. They are older and more educated than traditional right-wing activists.

Obsession for replacement

However, they share the fact that these terrorists are white (95%) and male (85%). Another common feature identified by researchers is population change: the counties with the highest decline in white population have now produced more rebels facing justice.

These rebels were particularly impressed by the great re-establishment theory, which accused minorities of gradually increasing the white population thanks to immigration and a higher birth rate.

This brings us back to Trump who learned nothing from the danger posed by speech. Speaking on Fox News recently about Biden’s immigration policies, he said, “Millions of people are flocking to our country, which is destroying America.”

Not more than 100 days, but when you have a small memory, the same lies come back and the same forgetfulness awaits us.

Attack on the Capitol visible from the right and left

On January 6 the people gathered in the Capitol‌, abiding by all the peaceful and honorable of the laws.

OK At the difference
Democrats 16% 80%
Republicans 51% 42%

The attack on the Capitol saw Herm Donald Trump for demonstration by violent left-handed protesters.

OK At the difference
Democrats 19% 75%
Republicans 55% 30%

Trump was on one side to launch deadly riots against the capital.

The 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump.

OK At the difference
Democrats 13% 85%
Republicans 60% 29%

Donald Trump is not expected to nominate for the presidency in 2024.

OK At the difference
Democrats 89% 9%
Republicans 28% 63%