July 6, 2022

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It’s not that easy for the police

It's not that easy for the police

New rules restricting the wearing of masks during outdoor activities are giving Montreallers and police officers a headache.

Newspaper Visited four parks in Montreal on Saturday afternoon. All groups of more than ten people who played baseball, volleyball, basketball and yoga did not wear face shields outside.

“Even though I am over 10 years old, I think we have the right to do our yoga in Laurier Park without a mask. The two of us were two meters apart. The police went twice and they didn’t tell us anything, ”explained Robertson, a yoga teacher.

However, from Thursday, the government will require wearing masks for groups of at least three people who carry out public activities and do not come from the same address.

Confusion and Contradictions

“No problem, the yoga group respects distance. They do not need a mask, ”said an official from the City of Montreal Police Department (SPVM) on site.

Unlike the police, it is mentioned in the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) Journal This open activity is against health rules.

“Yes, these people should wear masks,” MSSS spokeswoman Mary-Claude Lacasse replied.

The situation is not much better at Jean-Mans Park, where fifteen players play baseball without masks.

“We’re still confused with the rules. The police came to see us five times, but we’re continuing. I do not think we really have the right to play. Tell me it’s not super clear,” Justin Devin agreed.

During our visit to Pere-Marquette Park on Saturday, not a single one of the twenty basketball players wore a cover photo. A similar observation was made by those who practiced skateboarding on neighboring land and who collected dozens of borders.

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Agency for clarity

According to communication strategist Louis Acoin, confusion over regulations can lead to population decline.

“The risk is not so great, whether the cubers are following the instructions or not. The confusion that leaves people in danger, then, in fact, in a park today, “Did I wear a mask” or “Did I understand correctly?” Suggestions “If asked, it is not clear”, the president of the public relations firm Tesla RP.

Bernard Motulski, chair of public relations and marketing communications at UQAM, believes the government should validate instructions by wearing masks at all times instead of asking citizens to understand the actions.

– With QMI Agency

Answers to your questions

There is still confusion over wearing a mask outside. Here are some situations you may encounter.

By walking with his / her partner?

But, People living at the same address are not required when conducting outdoor activities.

Walk His dog?

Responsibility applies to groups onlyAll are at least three people who do not live at the same address.

Sitting in the park with friends?

If you are At a distance of two meters, you can remove the mask Even if you do not all live at the same address. In the Red Zone, the limit is eight people; In the orange zone, it is 12.

By playing a game of hockey on the street?

This is so you have to wear a mask Sporting activity, And if more than two family balloons. Children under 10 are exempt.

Am I going to walk in the woods with my family?

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If they are family members who live under the same roof, you do not need to wear a mask. You will need to wear a mask Only if it is a group of three people from different family bubbles.

If I chat a Outside friend?

One thing that is still confusing with this new measure is that two people with different balloons have to wear a mask if they are chatting outside within two meters. But if they do Activity like walking, They do not have to wear one.

– Elsa Iskander, Le Journal de Quebec