May 18, 2022

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The Secret Rooms of Franకోois Legalt

The Secret Rooms of Franకోois Legalt

This week, the Quebec government prevented journalists from doing their job properly during the famous Legalt-Dube-Rare overpopulation.

Most important issues are not actually resolved by MM. Legalt, Dubey or Rare, did not provide information to journalists.

The government failed to broadcast to journalists, at the beginning of press conferences, press releases containing new information announced.

See it as a strategy, a bad faith or a bad plan?

History does not say, but the question remains: How do you expect journalists who are not up to date with all the changes to ask the right questions?


So the media found out two hours late that, for example, the government had decided to impose a driving ban from the red zone to the yellow zone.

This measure, which prevents travel to Boss-Saint-Laurent, Gaspe, North Shore and Magdalene Islands, has serious consequences for many.

Among other things, we have noticed that the mask is constantly worn at work and acts that are avoided in cinema and theaters.

“This is really a problem,” said Marco Belair-Sirino, president of the National Assembly’s Press Gallery.


Pascal Burube, a PQ member from Mandane-Matapedia, recalled that these press conferences regarding the epidemic were not opportunities for the government to present itself. Instead, they are “moments that provide clear and complete information to the Quebec population.”

To do this, we need to make sure that journalists have access to all the basic information. It requires a minimum of transparency, and the government does not pound on this principle.