February 23, 2024

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Labor shortage in Quebec: Disaster declared according to employers

Labor shortage in Quebec: Disaster declared according to employers

According to a recent survey conducted by the Quebec Employers’ Council, a large percentage of Quebec companies face the challenge of hiring staff in all regions.

CPQ’s investigation was conducted in the context of an economic analysis that focused on recommendations on factors to revive the Quebec economy.

Nearly half (49.7%) of the companies surveyed indicated that they had turned down contracts, precisely because of labor shortages.

More than two-thirds of business owners said they had primarily skilled labor needs, with only 14% having requirements in non-specialized positions.

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“Employers everywhere are scrambling to fill vacancies. Sooner or later, we will have to listen to them, because the shortage will intensify when companies close temporarily,” CPCU President and CEO Carl Blackburn said in a press release Monday.

“For those who look for business opportunities, losing contracts due to lack of manpower, this situation is heartbreaking,” he lamented.

As a solution, employers recommend holding immigration, with 43% of business leaders believing that resorting to immigration is the “preferred solution” to labor shortages.

“The abundance of jobs available suggests a conducive context for integrating newcomers, employment opportunities in all regions and in all sectors, aren’t they unique,” ​​Mr Blackburn said.

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