December 4, 2022

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“We made all the calls”

"We made all the calls"

Mark Bergwin, general manager of Montreal Canadians, is believed to be “comfortable” with the training at hand, “to the end,” to hear him repeat the term multiple times at his press conference on Monday. 2020-2021 campaign.

“Over the last couple of days and we have been happy with the purchase of Eric Stahl [le 26 mars dernier]. We are comfortable with our training.

“I’m sure there are things we can probably do, but I’m not ready to sacrifice our young players in the short term,” Bergevin said of the job he has. She was fired to improve the team.

CH’s DG traded on the last day to do business in the National League. He got his hands on Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Eric Gustafson. The day before, he had retrieved Joan Merrill from the Detroit Red Wings.

When asked if he tried to get a backup for his attack, the 55-year-old said he threw several lines into the water.

“I have talked to all the teams where players are available. Some players are not rated as available by the media, others are there. Prices are high.”

Stability is key

Called to evaluate his club’s performance this season, Bergevin reiterated that he was comfortable with the players in his locker room, but they lacked consistency.

“It’s a team with very good streaks and not as good as others, it just becomes a team between us,” he said.

“If we can be more consistent in our performance, I believe we can be safe. The answer is in the locker room with our players. I think we have a lot of role to play.”

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“We are not consistent and expect a lot more at the end of our season. We need more consistency in our game,” he hit the CEO.

In short

Bergewin, on the other hand, has been vague on his intentions for Cole Coffeefield, who made his professional debut with the Laval Rocket this weekend. The leader was reluctant to say when he would finally remember Maverick with Hubs.

However, he made it clear that he would not watch Brendan Gallagher again until the playoffs. The attacker had an inch crack.

Some quotes from Mark Bergevin

“I am not allowed to negotiate players from other structures, but I can tell you that I have talked to all the teams where players are available,” Jean-Charles Lazoi confirmed.

“We made all the calls to inquire about the players available, but we’re happy with what we’re done over the last few days.”

“Joan Merrill is a mobile defenseman who moves the puck well and has a big build. Our scouts say he has a good season in Detroit.”

“Eric Gustafson is a defender who collected 60 points a long time ago. He takes Puck well and can help us. They are two different players.”

“If you look at the trade deadline history, a lot of defenders are moving. Teams want to defend themselves. We are no different than others.”

“Right now, I’m looking for a team with better streaks and less good team. If we can learn more consistency, the answer will be in the locker room. We have a lot of character.”

Bergwin asked if Brendan Gallagher could return to the game in the regular season.

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