July 4, 2022

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WrestleMania 37: Diabilies cube cube between Fiand and Orton

WrestleMania 37: Diabilies cube cube between Fiand and Orton

Warning! WWE WrestleMania 37 follows the main spoilers on the results.

WrestleMania Day 2, let’s go! Just as the Boos cleared the clouds against the Hulk Hogan yesterday, this part 2 of the biggest show of the year is dry! The evening is a better way to get off to a good start than to present the age-old antagonism between good and evil, the candid world of living face to face with the underworld. You understand that, Fiand and Orton opened animosities, Yes gentlemen!

The white dove is ready to face the raging underworld, which is the white-clad Orton, who first appeared in the ring. Coming out of the music box adorned with the pentagram, Find quickly joined him:

The authors of a short match but with some seriousness, seemed to succeed until the findTransformed Alexa Bliss From the music box, access to the devil:

A call that serves as a diversion to Orton, who takes the opportunity to deliver a generous RKO to his opponent. 1, 2, 3 Find hit! In a hurry to leave the hell he could ignore once again, Orton quickly left the ring. Wyatt then looked Bliss straight in the eye. The lights came on. The last part of a second light gave a glimpse of the villain running towards pleasure. Then nothing happened, the lights came back on and calm came back to the stadium.

Find all the results of WrestleMania 37 at this address.

Photo credit: WWE

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