May 28, 2022

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A famous road in memory of Leo Major, a soldier at Walcartier Base

A famous road in memory of Leo Major, a soldier at Walcartier Base

The road used daily by soldiers from the base of Walcartier is renamed in honor of the private Leo Major, Quebec hero of World War II, but this side of the sea is unknown.

The announcement should be made on Tuesday by French Language Minister Simon Jolin-Barrett, who learned QMI agency. Reminiscent of day 76E The night of April 13-14, 1945 was the anniversary of the liberation of the city of Zwolle in the Netherlands by the sole efforts of Leo Major.

About 3.4 km long, the section now bears the official name of “Ru de Montolieu” and extends from the de la Brower route to Boulevard Walcartier.

The National Assembly unanimously passed a resolution on Remembrance Day, November 11, submitted by the party Cubacois, asking the Commission de Toponimini to name a symbolic place in honor of Leo Major.

Born in Montreal in 1921, he grew up in the Quebec metropolis during the Great Depression and joined the Chowdhury Regiment in 1940, shortly after the outbreak of World War II.

Dying in 2008, he liberated the town of 50,000 inhabitants in Zwolle, the Netherlands, by throwing grenades at uninhabited homes and intimidating German soldiers. Among his other war exploits, he was able to capture 93 German soldiers in one day.

To this day, his exploits are celebrated in the Netherlands, although they go unnoticed, probably due to the humility of the man who began to open up about them in the 1970s.

Author Luke LePine started a book there, which appeared last year, in which he reviews the wonderful life of Leo Major. At Journal of Montreal, He said, noting the “silent awakening” of Quebec soldiers.

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“It goes completely under the radar. However, we have heroes! Leo Major risked his life, he saved the lives of his boyfriends, he saved the lives of the people of Zwolle in Holland, ”he said at the time.

If health restrictions allow, a ceremony to recognize the new name of Rudi Montoliu should take place on November 11th.