December 4, 2022

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If we love one another: Brigitte No one will be indifferent

If we love one another: Brigitte No one will be indifferent

To our delight, the second season If we love each other Launched on TVA this Monday.

First, we immediately noticed the desire for diversity for this new version when it was presented to us with candidates of different sexual orientations, ages, styles and aspirations.

In the first episode, we are introduced Speed ​​symbiosis The first candidate, Brigitte, 53, is a mother of two and most recently a grandmother.

We were blown away by this colorful competitor who seemed to have an uncompromising personality. On social networks, audiences also found Brigitte attractive, whom she described as “colorful”, “authentic”, “frank”, “strong” and “exciting”. The manner in which his suitors were cut and his extravagance offended some, but his integrity was above all others. She knows where she is going and what she wants, needless to say!

Once again the intervention of Guilloom and Emily is delicious. This couple translates very nicely to what we think in our living room.

In addition to this concept this year: Louis Seagoin presents photos of the contestants to the candidates before meeting them face to face. We can therefore see that there is an enormous nuance between physical attraction and the attachments that form a relationship with a person.

We are very happy If we love each other Second year. The show certainly eases this new confinement and a third wave of discouragement.

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