May 20, 2022

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Montreal won 4-2 over Toronto

Montreal won 4-2 over Toronto

“Our team is great at times, but at times confusing.” In a nutshell, Mark Bergwin summed up this season for Canadians. Against the best team in the North Division, the Canadian chose to show his good side.

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CH Toronto, who lost their last three games on Monday at the Bell Center, won 4-2 over the Maple Leafs. Prior to the visit to Montreal, the Leafs had won six games in a row and nine of their last ten games.

During this period, Aston Mathews and Mitchell Marner intimidated opposing goaltenders with 16 points (10 goals, 6 assists) and 12 points (2 goals, 10 assists), respectively.

One evening, Matthews and Marner did not roar loudly. Yes, Matthews scored his 32nd goal of the season with the help of his trusted teammate. But with the exception of this play in the second period, the two Leafs guns did not make much noise.

The relative silence of Matthews and Marner was attributed to a very strong game by Philip Donald. Kubeker won the match with Matthews scoring his only goal while Nick Suzuki’s unit was in the snow.

“This is my bread and my butter. I like that character, playing against the big lines, Donald mentioned. I was happy, but not satisfied. ”

Dominic Ducharm was happy with Paul Byron being placed to the right of Donald and Thomas Tatar. Tatar had assists on both goals and Byron played very defensively.

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In blue, Jeff Petrie and Joel Edmundson also did their job against the Maple Leafs top line.

After three setbacks a fragile team similar to CH, can breathe a nervous head at the end of the second period. When John Tavares tied the game at 2-2, visitors believed the moment was gaining momentum.

But Josh Anderson changed Sheldon Keefe’s plans with his 15th goal. Within two minutes of Tavares’ goal, Anderson took off again after a blocked shot by defender Brett Kulak and showed his speed. The big winger defeated Jack Campbell with a good wrist shot, which he bowed into the opponent’s territory.

“It’s important to bounce back,” Anderson said. Especially after our last game with the Jets. We left Jake [Allen]. Played very well tonight [lundi]. The Leaves finished second, but we did good enough to win. ”

Speaking of Allen, the New Brunswick goaltender turned 23 shots, signing his second win just eleven (2-5-4) early.

Before reinforcements

Javier Ovalet slips back into the team’s hierarchy at blue. When Joan Merrill and Eric Gustafson complete their seven-day detention, Ovelet will either return to the reserve squad or he will resume his title as Laval Rocket Captain. In his fourth game with CH this season, Olelet played well on the right side of Alexander Romanov.

The end of a sequence

Jack Campbell focused on Toronto’s number one goalie. In the absence of Frederick Anderson, the American set an NHL record by winning his first 11 seasons. But there is always an end to a great story. The former Dallas Stars conceded three goals in the first round pick and faced his first setback this year.

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More stability

Jeff Petrie needs change. Dominic Ducharm has replaced his partner Joel Edmundson since the first weeks of this season. This is the right choice. Petrie and Edmundson played a defensively strong game, beating all three of Aston Mathews, Mitchell Marner and Alex Galchenyuk. At 26:46, Edmundson was the most used defenseman at CH.

One of two

Bleached by numerical dominance (0 out of 9) in the previous four games, Hobbs eventually scored. Nick Suzuki hits the target during a penalty kick to Jack Bogosian.

Jake Allen is repeating clichs to explain his feelings after the first win in four starts. But to talk about Philip Donald and his impact on the big lines of the opposing team, the former Blues goalkeeper became the talker again.

“The film does not have an easy character. This is something that some players want. He always faces the best. He likes it. He takes pride in limiting their scoring chances. He never had large numbers in the offensive plan because he was sacrificing himself defensively. For me, it was one of the hardest jobs in the NHL. ”- Jake Allen

In the shadow of Joel Edmundson, who played for almost 27 minutes, Alexander Romanov also provided a very good game on the left side of Javier Ovalet. The 21-year-old Russian led the team with seven hits.

“Romanov is improving. He is more confident. You want to see from a young player. He worked very hard. It has its effect when it is firm. The big names on the other side don’t want to play against him “- Josh Anderson

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From Brendan Gallagher’s right toe fracture, there is a significant hole in the right wing along with Philip Donald and Thomas Tatters. In the fourth game without Gallagher, Paul Byron was given a command to replace Gallagher. “T-Paul” passed his first test with two assists and sparked the game against a dangerous unit of Aston Mathews, Mitchell Marner and Alex Galchenyuk.

“Paul is a fast man, that’s his big asset. He can play on all lines. He can withstand the speed of big threesomes. He’s a solid player” – Philip Donald

After three consecutive defeats, Philip Donald called the victory over the Maple Leafs a victory for the character.

“It’s very important for us to bounce back. We know we’ve going through a long time. We’ve shown a big character. We’m both pulled together. It’s really a big win for the character. [Allen] Also made some big savings. ”- Philip Donald