April 2, 2023

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Police are pursuing the recalcitrant

Police are pursuing the recalcitrant

Curfew protesters and police officers played with cats and rats in a tense atmosphere in the heart of downtown Montreal after 8pm last night.

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Scattered around Saint-Catherine Street, dozens and dozens of people were placed in suspense by police for the second evening in a row.

“We’ve already experienced the Boston-Canadian [au hockey en 2008], But I never thought it would happen so much [hier] », Testifies to Fred Carrier, a resident of the area who was most feared for his car parked nearby.

Demonstrators, in much smaller numbers than the day before, set off fireworks and fireworks within an hour of the end of the curfew, bringing it to 8pm on Sunday night.

Newspaper Masked or hooded youths were also arrested, some of whom were held in front of department store windows.

In some cases, police chased people fleeing by car or bicycle.

Most of the protesters at the rally did not shout slogans or put up signs, which seemed chaotic on the whole.

Shortly before the curfew began, the Service de Police de la Ville de Montreal had to reinstate its officers, as demonstrators were expected to stand firm the day before at Old Port.

At the time of going to the press, it was too early to count the number of arrests or fines distributed for violating the curfew.

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At 9:30 pm, calmly practically returned to the city center.

Do not break

Sunday night, The first meeting, which was attended by hundreds of people, declined And the windows of several businesses in Old Montreal were smashed, but nothing like this was seen last night.

Elsewhere in Montreal, other citizens chose to echo their pots on their balconies to mark their opposition to the curfew during the epidemic.

Similar demonstrations have taken place in recent weeks in Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain and Austria condemning the imposition of such a measure.