March 20, 2023

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Teachers’ strike: Home education for thousands of students

Teachers' strike: Home education for thousands of students

73,000 primary and secondary teachers will finally be on strike until 9:30 a.m. Wednesday.

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This pressure strategy was aimed at protesting the lack of results in their negotiations with the Legalt government.

For some students, the strike could lead to a few hours returning home from school.

The strike added a lot of work to the various school service centers that had to deal with the school transport company, but also did daycare services.

Although school service centers tried this morning to cancel the strike in the courts today, it did not work.

Therefore each school service center decides whether students should start school at 9:31 am or give lessons remotely.

“In some areas, school transportation can no longer be delayed, or for walking students, their safety can no longer be ensured because there will no longer be a crossing guard at the school.”

Best choice for students

The union said the short strike option would have little effect on students’ learning.

“Can we stop looking at education as an investment and see it as an investment? And we need to resolve these negotiations, which is our only pressure tool,” said Josie Scholabrini, president of the Federation of Teaching Associations.

The strike on Wednesday morning will affect 58 school service centers in Quebec. Keep in mind that the union has a strike order of up to five extra days.