July 6, 2022

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3 guys face off in Star Academy semi-finals: shocking decision

3 guys face off in Star Academy semi-finals: shocking decision

This Tuesday, we learned that the other three guys were going to head to the first semi-finals of Star Academy and the girls were going to do the same next week.

Surprisingly, this decision was not unanimous among the audience. While some find this to be the really best solution, many are outraged at the choice of teachers. At the beginning of the season, you should know that it is a new product Star Academy Decided not to separate boys from girls in evaluations and risks anymore. So this flashback is surprising. If teachers chose Shayan last week over Lunou, we agree that this process is impossible …

Audiences are also upset that two of the audience’s favorite educators, Guillaume and Jacob, will face each other this weekend. We William, Who won the popular vote last week, Not too far on the list of public favorites. We can assume that the votes this Sunday will be very and varied.

Regardless of the list for the semi-finals, people are not completely satisfied, but we have to admit that the idea of ​​pitting boys over girls is a bit vague for us. On social networks, some go there with different proposals by random freelance or by separating candidates who want to nominate an original song for those who prefer to take a piece from another artist’s concerts. We can assume that the product has assessed all these possibilities before coming to the conclusion that it is better to divide the group into two: boys and girls …

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We can’t wait to find out who will win, but we’re more inclined for Guillaume’s popularity.

At the beginning of the season, People believed that this candidate would win the Star Academy. Is he divine?

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