May 21, 2022

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Franకోois Legalt lags behind wearing a mask on the outside

Franకోois Legalt lags behind wearing a mask on the outside

(Quebec) Controversial Prime Minister Franకోois Legalt has relaxed his obligation to wear a mask outside.

Tommy ChaunardTommy Chaunard

“I asked him to clarify the decree that this obligation only applies to situations where it is difficult to respect a distance of two meters at any time with people who do not live with us,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

“You don’t always have to stay more than two meters away like tennis or golf or sit in the park and wear a mask. It can also be understood that a couple who do not live at the same address, but have close relationships do not need to wear a mask. No more than one person infected with the family bubble. Same thing when two people walk together, but at a good distance. ”

Changes in the public mask order over the past few days have created confusion and controversy. They were not initially explained at government meetings.

On Tuesday, Quebec announced that wearing a mask is mandatory when two people do not live at the same address – including a couple – when doing activities such as walking outside or playing sports. Since the end of last week, this measure has been more applicable to groups of three or more people in the same household.

There is one exception: the mask is not mandatory outdoors when people are sitting and at a distance of two meters from each other.

“The rest of the time, when there are other people around you, even if there is someone who has not lived with you, now the mask is mandatory,” Franకోois Legalt said Tuesday. So I understand that actions change a lot, but the situation changes a lot. ”

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For his part, the National Director of Public Health dr Horacio Arruda, who defended the measure, said the recommendation was “accepted by expert consensus” but there was no study to support it. “The main goal here is not to hate people, but to protect them now. We are now seeing cases in young people.

Franకోois Legalt decided to step back and mentioned the measure on his Facebook page, which was an unusual way.