June 5, 2023

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Haiti: Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe has resigned

Haiti: Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe has resigned

I handed over my resignation to the Prime Minister tonight, Confirmed by outgoing Prime Minister Joseph Joute last night.

He was appointed in March 2020 and therefore continued in his post for one year in a country where Waltz has accelerated government officials in recent years.

He is the sixth prime minister to be appointed in four years.

On his Twitter account, Joseph Jouthe said: It is an honor to serve my country as Prime Minister. He did not give further details regarding his departure.

It was on this platform that President Jovnell Moss accepted the resignation.

He explained that this would enable the talks to continue with the aim of resolving the glaring issue of insecurity and reaching the consensus needed for the political and institutional stability of our country.

President Moss has appointed current Foreign Minister Claude Joseph as Prime Minister.

The resignation was not surprising, RDI journalist Etienne Kote-Palakport — Prince explained this morning.

We expect the Prime Minister to resign soon, Have already formed a resignation Dated And said he was ready to give it up when there were obstacles.

The political crisis

Opposition groups called for the beleagured President to resign.

He opined that his mandate would expire on February 7, 2022, and that the opposition should leave power on February 7. He was re-elected after a poll canceled for fraud, and then re-elected a year later.

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In a country that has lost parliament, the president appoints by decree, raising anger in the streets.

Mr Moss wants to hold a constitutional referendum in June, but the opposition has not listened.

UN Security Council calls on Haiti Free, fair, transparent and credible presidential elections in 2021.

In February, authorities reported a planned coup against the controversial president, Jovnell Moses. The latter spoke squarely about the assassination attempt on his man.

The Justice Ministry said a judge of the Court of Cassation and the Inspector General of the Haitian National Police were involved in the failed coup attempt.

A total of 23 people were arrested, according to resigned Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe.


The resignation was announced as the Caribbean nation was gripped by the phenomenon of insecurity. Monday, Seven Catholics were kidnapped Capital Port — Near Prince.

Armed gangs stand alone. Kidnappings for ransom have increased in Port — Prince and Provinces in recent months.

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