May 25, 2022

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Nvidia has announced its new ARM “Grace” processor for data centers for 2023

Nvidia has announced its new ARM "Grace" processor for data centers for 2023

A week of abundance Events Announces the release of the ARM CPU in 2023 for NVIDIA, the first of its kind in design. Called Grace, it provides ten times more performance for servers compared to the most efficient current servers. Supercomputers developed by the Energy Department of the Swiss Center for Scientific Computing and the Los Alamos National Laboratory will use the new processor.

Grace is a highly specialized ARM processor that targets workload such as training next-generation NLP models that rely on hundreds of billions of parameters. The ARM Grace processor paired with NVIDIA GPUs is 10 times faster than current NVIDIA DGX systems.

The processor is designed to meet the computing needs of the world’s most advanced applications, including natural language processing, reference systems, and supercomputers that analyze large data sets that require ultra-powerful computing performance.

To develop Grace, Nvidia engineers adopt Envilink technology to achieve 900GB / s bandwidth between Grace and GPU, which is 14 times higher than it currently is. Additionally, the graphics processor giant was able to achieve memory bandwidth (LPDDR5 EEC) of up to 500GB / s. Finally, the processor includes the NeoWorks chip, which is much more efficient than the Nvidia GPU and x86 chip pair.

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