June 3, 2023

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Organic matter: Warning against compostable plastic packaging

Organic matter: Warning against compostable plastic packaging

Eco Enterprises Quebec (QEQ) is concerned about the use of compostable and biodegradable plastic packaging because it cannot be recycled.

QEQ unveiled on Tuesday in a report prepared in collaboration with the Solinov company that a large portion of the packaging ends up in the trash because residual waste management systems cannot process them.

“Compostable and biodegradable plastic packaging is very difficult to distinguish from other plastics when sorted in citizens and industrial composting facilities, especially as these new materials often do not deteriorate quickly or completely,” said Mary-Helen Gravel, project manager engineer at Solinov. And co-author of the report.

The company addresses environmental design for companies that finance carbide recycling in their packaging eco-design process.

“Ecodesine is well-suited to identify avenues for improvement that can eliminate inadequate solutions such as compostable plastic packaging,” explained Genevieve Dionne, Director of Ecodesine and Circular Economy at ÉEQ.

In order to modernize carbide recycling, the company intends to allocate financial incentives to companies that adopt the concept of a circular economy.

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