May 23, 2022

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Black Bill | Lost a single tax return in Ottawa

Black Bill |  Lost a single tax return in Ottawa

(Ottawa) Bill C-224 on Black Cubacois Single Tax Return is no more.

Catherine Levsk
The Canadian Press

Black member Gabriel Ste-Marie’s resurrection maneuver received last – minute support from the Conservative Party, but it was not enough to revive the opening bill. The Liberals and New Democrats voted to use their majority to sign C-224’s final death.

There will be a bill that would force negotiations between Ottawa and Quebec to establish a single tax report to be maintained by the province.

This is a recurring request from the Quebec Premier, Franకోois Legalt and members of the National Assembly who passed a unanimous resolution to this effect in 2018.

Thanks to the support of the Conservatives and the New Democrats, Black surprised by passing C-224 in the second reading in the House of Commons. A private member’s bill is rarely available in the process.

Then, during the committee study, the Conservatives abstained from voting, paving the way for liberals to vacate its content and title bill.

On Wednesday, Mr Stee-Mary made a last-ditch effort to breathe life into his bill in the Commons. He wanted to amend his reduced shell bill by sending each section back to its original form, but his efforts were in vain.

In the end, 155 deputies voted in favor and 179 against.

Mr. Ste-Marie failed to deliver the blame in a press release after the vote.

The Liberals have said from the outset that they will oppose Quebec’s unanimous request. The New Democrats, for their part, supported the bill in the second reading, but changed their minds when it came time to work, including the last elected in Quebec. ”

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Alexander Bouleris responded that his party was concerned about job losses.

“For us and the unions, it is clear that this bill will kill thousands of jobs in Quebec. We can not allow that to happen. […] In the NDP, we always put the interests of the workers first, ”said the NDP deputy leader.

There is nothing but title in the bill; The C-224 order is therefore struck down from the paper, without a trace of the passage he made in the House of Commons.