May 22, 2022

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Quebec | Bruno Marchand wants to “change the tone” at the town hall

Quebec |  Bruno Marchand wants to "change the tone" at the town hall

(Quebec) If he decides to run for mayor of Quebec, Regis LaBeouf will face the newest candidate in next November’s election. Bruno Marchand wants to change the “voice” at City Hall and promises “positive leadership.”

Gabriel BelandGabriel Beland

“I can’t explain why the mayor is skeptical [à révéler ses intentions], But to us, it will not change anything, regardless of the mayor’s decision Thursday assured Bruno Marchand, head of all new political structure Quebec Forte et Fear.

The 48-year-old was until recently the president and CEO of Centroid Quebec. He left his post to run for mayor.

His candidacy is an open secret. He did so formally at a press conference Thursday morning at Patro Rock-Amador in the Limoilou district where he grew up.

The ambiguity in Bruno Marchand’s exact program for Quebec continues. He wants his political structure to swell from left to right in the middle. Without further ado he expressed his desire to “make Quebec an extraordinary city that overcomes the obstacles that await us.”

The program for new training will be drafted in the next few months.

In favor of the tram

Mr Marchand, however, stepped in to support the tramway project led by Regis Labyum. This may not be correct according to the new candidate. But the idea of ​​reconsideration – as proposed by the official opposition Quebec 21 – is that the risk of losing the billions of funds promised by the two-tier government is enormous.

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“Now that there is a political will to put money in, is anyone ready to say we’re going to put these billions on the table?” Asks Mr. Marchard, who strongly believes in the need for a structured public transportation system.

“There is a risk of ending up with a spout in the water,” he warned.

As for the third link, Legalt said he was looking forward to an official proposal from the government. “I need to be convinced,” he said.

Bruno Marchand also wants to create a “new voice with constructive leadership.” Does this mean he will find the mayor lobum style with abrasion? M. Marchand was careful not to attack him.

Regis Lobim reiterated on Thursday that he did not know Bruno Marchand. The main interested party was shocked. “We held three press conferences together. We met at different events. We are not close. But I dare pretend to know him, ”he said.

Quebec Forte at Fear is seeking even more of its 21 candidates, so Team LaBeouf measures specifically against Quebec 21, Democracy Quebec and Transition Quebec.

Bruno Marchand can count on the expertise of activists with a political background, especially at the former press attach- Jean-Franకోois Lizzie and Pierre Carl Peladio Party Cubacois, Bruno-Pierre Sir.