May 22, 2022

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Reinforcement behind the bench for Canadians?

Reinforcement behind the bench for Canadians?

“It’s not just on the ice. Things get bad. They get bad behind the bench, too.”

Jean-Charles Lazoi did not stay away on Thursday to point the finger at major issues of Montreal Canadians. Although Mark Bergewin has not been able to make deals since Monday, the host explained that the general manager can still make a big acquisition, which will help get the company back on track.

According to him, “the Burrows-Ducharm duo behind the bench need to be reinforced. This is an ambitious team led by the head coach and principal assistant, who will be appointed to the respective positions on a purely recruiting and interim basis,” he told TVA Sports‌.

“To keep them safe, to prepare for games and to adjust the speech in the locker room it takes them a quick hockey head to season!”

Lazoi said he had no doubts about the talent of the two coaches, but that the current situation meant that the winds of change could restore CH.

“Dominic Ducharm and Alex Burrows are very good coaches, but we’m bringing them to life right now, and at the same time we are endangering a very important season.”

Sleeping Players

While there seems to be a problem behind the Hobbs bench, players remain the main culprits for team failures.

“There is no commitment, no respect for role models, no life, no heart. Where is Leadership In this team? I was shocked, Lazoi was shocked. What’s going on with this team? I’m still wondering … ”

“It doesn’t matter what happened last night at the Bell Center, or what did not happen last night,” he said. The more information is taken, the more decision making is made. How does a team that plays a second game most nights get hit in the face? ”

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