May 21, 2022

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Vaccinators were paid to play sudoku due to lack of work

Vaccinators were paid to play sudoku due to lack of work

Vaccinators repelled their thumbs, and Quebecars ignored the vaccine AstraZeneca, for which most of the time slots were available.

“I can vaccinate one patient every 5 minutes, but I’m vaccinating 20 of them all day,” laments a private sector specialist who came to Montreal to give a loan.

Since February, she and her sixty colleagues have been “insane to sit in their chairs”, waiting for patients to be vaccinated.

“No company would accept such a loss of money,” this injector often pays to play sudoku due to a lack of work.

As many people rushed to receive an estrogen dose last week, it seems that Calm has returned to vaccination centers.

“So far, the vaccine seems to me … ineffective”, adds Charles (not her real name).

He also testified on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation while working at another vaccination center west of Montreal.

Two doses per day

The young man reported that he injected only two doses during a shift, as he had thirty employees “for less than 10 patients per hour”.

Richard Save, 56, who received the astrogenica vaccine yesterday, was surprised to see only three patients at the Bill-Durnon Arena in C కోట్te d’Ivoire – Notre-Dame-de Borough. -Thanks for visiting Montreal at 11am yesterday.

“There were 60 nurses waiting for me. I could not believe it, especially in the situation we were in! He was shocked.

Saint-Jerome and Brosard have other vaccination centers that are temporarily vacant Journal.

However, it is impossible to verify the facts, as many of our requests for interviews with the health network have not been answered.

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The low traffic observed is explained by the low popularity of the astrogenic vaccine, which more than 55 Cubans fear despite the low risks.

Who’s next?

For example, at Nord-de-L-de-Montreal’s Integrated Health and Social Services Center, although many appointments are available, only 100 doses of estrogen are delivered these days.

In Laval, only 322 doses of the estrogen vaccine were injected yesterday, of the 2,200 possible.

Even in the booming case of cases, between 700 and 800 doses of this vaccine are waiting for a taker at the St.-Georges Vaccine Center in the late afternoon.

“People are a little scared of the estrogen vaccine. We can experience it. However, we can vaccinate more, ”said Carrie Pocket, head of the vaccination center.

The Journal on the Click Sante reservation site has a very large number of time slots available to receive Astrogenica in the greater Montreal area on the same day or in the coming days.

– With Oliver Foucher and Le Journal de Quebec