March 30, 2023

The Queens County Citizen

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He has to sharpen his weapons

He has to sharpen his weapons

If he wants to win over Regis Labum, Bruno Marchand will have to sharpen his weapons And find a promising project, if it fails the outgoing mayor will do its little work.

Among Regis Lobim’s opponents who have been marching since 2008, Bruno Marchand seems to me to be the best capable.

Considering that the current mayor wants a new order, the relevant principal continues to fuel suspense.

Unified, intelligent, “Quebec Fort at Fire” leader Mr. Lobim does not like to play on the field. The strategy of the latter, which worked well for him, is always there to crush the opponent, whether we approve of it or not.

The new leader wants to create a change of tone that unites, rather than divides. “We want to get people together, we don’t want to yell at each other,” he said. Contrary to what we want for Quebec and what we thought today we are going to start. “

I always thought it would be more interesting to hear what people have to say than to hear others criticize.

Show confidence

The new leader will have to show confidence and find more than a renewed desire to persuade a sufficient number of voters to support him.

Mr. Marchand said he would like to survey the citizens before building the party program. Yes, but he should also submit them with concrete projects. People need to dream after this epidemic.

However, his support for the structured network project and the need for all loyal stakeholders to agree and respect him. Its openness to listening to business people who dream about the Olympics.

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The main challenge for the new candidate is to get to know himself better and make him stand out.

Reaction of the labyrinth

These are just a few words to close Regis LaBeoum’s attitude, saying he doesn’t know more than to greet this new opponent.

However, the two men have appeared side by side for several years for the United Way campaigns.

The mayor does not tolerate any opposition, as everyone knows, but he can at least show diplomacy.